ETSU International Ambassadors

Ask an International Student or Faculty Ambassador

International Ambassadors are students, staff, and faculty members who agree to help prospective or new international students at ETSU. You can use the e-mail addresses below to ask them questions about our region, our city, our campus, our university, and specific campus programs.

If you have questions

Name Country Classification/Program
Olga Cabello
Mexico Faculty, Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology
Weixing Chen
China Faculty, Political Science
Sophie Dessus-Babus
France Faculty, MicroBiology
Yousif Elhindi Yousif Elhindi
Sudan Faculty, English
Rosalind Gann Rosalind Gann
U.S./Mexico/Turkey Faculty,
Curriculum and Instruction
Helene Halvorson Helene Halvorson
U.S. Faculty, Social Work
Karen Harrington
France Faculty, Foreign Languages
Yu Lin Jiang
China Faculty, Chemistry
Istvan Karsai Istvan Karsai
Hungary Faculty, Biological Sciences
Ed Kelly
Ukraine Office of University Counsel
Richard Kortum
Azerbaijan Faculty, Philosophy
Brent Morrow Brent Morrow
U.S. Faculty, Teaching & Learning
Kerry Proctor-Williams
Canada Faculty,
Communicative Disorders
Jasmine Renner Jasmine Renner
Sierra Leone Faculty,
Educational Leadership

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