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ETSU Undergraduate Researchers
Present "Posters at the State Capitol"
(Photos at the bottom)

Each year, student researchers from Tennessee Board of Regents institutions are invited to present their findings in poster format to state legislators in Nashville as part of ďPosters at the State Capitol Day.Ē This year, East Tennessee State University sent six outstanding undergraduates to explain their work in the fields of biology, physics, adult nursing, biochemistry, and literature.

Each undergraduate student had conducted an independent and original research project under the direction of a faculty mentor. Their work was conducted at sites including the ETSU main campus, the ETSU James H. Quillen College of Medicine, the James H. Quillen Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina, and a research institute in Hawaii. After obtaining their bachelorís degrees, two of the students will enter medical school, one will attend optometry school, another will become a nurse, and two will go on to graduate studies.

Dr. Foster Levy, Director of Undergraduate Research within ETSUís Honor College, notes, ďThe ETSU undergraduate researchers demonstrate a level of accomplishment and professionalism that will allow them to become out regionís future leaders, teachers, scientists and health professionals.Ē

 Although ETSUís undergraduate research program is administered by the Honors College, funding is available for all ETSU undergraduates. Grants provide support for projects and for travel to professional meetings.

The students and the topics of their research are:

  • Courtney Blevins of Bristol, an English major, demonstrated ways the Dominican novelist, Jean Rhys, highlighted the suppression of Dominican culture in favor of the strong British rule and influence.

  • Tanya Cox, a nursing major from Kingsport, investigated how healthcare professionals tend not to retain the principles of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation despite required refresher training, and she advocated more frequent re-certification training.

  • Sabrina Hurlock, a physics major studying astronomy, is from Kingsport. She has been analyzing data to learn about the characteristics and intensities of solar storms that occurring in space. Some of her research was conducted in Hawaii.

  • Haley Klimecki, a biochemistry major from Hixson, conducted her research at ETSUís James H. Quillen College of Medicine. She is studying an enzyme in white blood cells that helps the natural immune system in humans, but poorly regulated production of the enzyme can cause disease.

  • Laura Lusk of Burnsville, N.C. and a biology major, studied the balsam woolly adelgid disease of Fraser fir trees on Mt. Mitchell.

  • Whitney Trotter of Johnson City is a biology major whose work has shown how and when the skeletal system of snakes incorporates calcium to harden bones.

For further information, contact Levy at (423) 439-6926 or levyf@etsu.edu.

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