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eTHESIS: ETSU's Electronic Honors Thesis Repository

ETSU hosts an electronic repository for theses submitted to the Honors College. The repository was created as a collaboration between The Honors College and Sherrod Library. The repository uses a software interface that supports virtually all forms of electronic media.

After an Honors Thesis is accepted into the repository, it can be accessed through the repository webpage (http://dc.etsu.edu/honors/) or by a search of  ETSU's Sherrod Library Millennium catalog. All electronic theses, except those with a voluntary embargo, can be viewed by the general public. As such, theses maintain an academic immortality rather than irrelevancy on a shelf!


Current Academic Year

Electronic thesis REQUIRED for scholars in University Honors, Fine & Performing Arts, Midway, and Honors-in-Discipline programs

Step-by-Step Instructions for Electronic Thesis Submission

Prior to submitting an electronic thesis the following must be completed:

  • Thesis approved by Thesis Professor(s) and Thesis Reader(s)
  • Copy of thesis cover page signed by student and Thesis Professor(s)
  • Release Form/Agreement (download here) signed by student and Thesis Professor(s)
  • Deliver both in person to:
    UH and Midway: Ms. Judy Harrell, Earnest House
    FPA and HiD: Ms. Eva Lynch, Yoakley Hall

You have to complete all required fields in order to save the submission form.

Save yourself time and frustration by being prepared before you begin.

    1. Go to the eThesis website at: http://dc.etsu.edu/honors/.
    2. Read the policies and be sure that you have satisfied the requirements BEFORE you start the online submission process.
    3. Make sure your thesis is in PDF format.If your thesis is in a word processing program format like Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), open it in that program and look under the FILE menu for the option to "Export" or "Save As" or "Print" the file in PDF format. If you have questions, please contact levyf@etsu.edu.
    4. Make sure you have all of your files available to include in the online submission process.
    5. Use a text editor(Notepad; Wordpad; Word) to
      • write an abstract for your thesis,
      • list keywords (optional), and
      • list your Thesis Professor(s) and Thesis Readers
    so you can copy and paste into the online submission form
      • Keyword(s): If there are words or phrases not in the title or abstract that would help someone find your thesis using a search engine like Google, type them on a single line separated by commas.
      • Verify the correct spelling of your Thesis Professor(s) and Thesis Reader(s) names using the "Search ETSU and People" search box at the top of the ETSU home page (http://www.etsu.edu). Type names with THESIS ADVISOR FIRST and separate multiple names with commas. Example: William Burgess Jr. , Christopher Dula.
    1. Choose Subject Categories that best describe what your thesis is about from the http://dc.etsu.edu/assets/taxonomy.pdf Taxonomy of Academic Disciplines. You will select these from a drop-down menu in the online submission process.
    2. Create an account by clicking on the "My Account" link.
      • Use your ETSU email address.
      • Create a password. It does not have to be your ETSU account password. If you forget your password, use the "Forget your password?" link on the "My Account" page to reset it.
      • Do not call the OIT Student Help Desk because they cannot reset it for you.
    3. Go to the Upload page: http://dc.etsu.edu/cgi/ir_submit.cgi?context=honors
    4. Enter information in all of the REQUIRED fields, including Subject Categories.
    5. Check the box to UPLOAD ADDITIONAL FILES if you have supplemental material in virtually any format (video, audio, etc.)
    6. Click the SUBMIT button to save your input data and files.

    Questions? Problems? email levyf@etsu.edu.

USPS Mailing Address:
The Honors College at
East Tennessee State University
PO Box 70589
Johnson City, TN 37614-1708

Phone: 423.439.6076
Fax: 423.439.6080
email:  Honors College

Street Addresses of The Honors College offices:
  Administration: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
University & Midway Scholars: Ada Earnest House
310 S. Dossett Drive
Honors-in-Discipline Programs: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Fine & Performing Art Scholars: Yoakley Hall, Room 206
161 S. Dossett Drive
Undergraduate Research: Yoakley Hall, Room 129
161 S. Dossett Drive
International Programs & Services: Yoakley Hall, Room 122
161 S. Dossett Drive