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Honors College News

Dean's Challenge
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Deadline: Candidate Nomination-
            January 15; Application Deadline-January 27
Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council
Academic Excellence Convocation
Boland Undergraduate Research Symposium
            Registration Deadline 3/2/11

Spring 2011 Call for Proposals
Princeton Review Invitation for ETSU Undergraduate Students
NASA Summer Research Opportunities
Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates
International Education Week Student Essay Contest Winners
Science Education Programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
FBI Honors Internship Program for Summer 2011
U. S. Department of Commerce (DOC)-Internship for Postsecondary Students Program
Washington Center Gala Celebration
Council on Undergraduate Research Registry of Undergraduate Researchers
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Student Opportunities
Summer ORISE Fellowship Opportunities at CDC


Princeton ReviewAn Invitation from the Princeton Review for ETSU Undergraduate Students

By completing the 2011 Princeton Review survey you will be entered for a chance to win one of ten Apple® iPad™ mobile digital devices by sharing your unique expertise – that is, your experience as a student at one of the best colleges in the nation![1] 

The Princeton Review is requesting that you complete an online survey about the academic and social life at ETSU.  The deadline to respond is February 6, 2011.

Click here to access Princeton Review’s survey Take our survey.  Help us set the record straight about what sets ETSU apart.  (You must use your ETSU issued email address when you login.)  See your quotes featured in the #1 guidebook in the nation!  Your input provides prospective undergraduates with a candid, accurate, and engaging picture of life at your college, helping them to decide if it’s the right fit.

Please note: The Princeton Review takes your privacy seriously. We will not share your personal information with any third party unless you give us permission to do so. You can read The Princeton Review's full privacy policy by clicking on our "Privacy Policy" link here.

Thank you.

[1] Apple® and iPad™ are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc., which does not sponsor or endorse this survey or the associated sweepstakes.

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ETSU Women's Basketball Grant Team set to Host 2nd Annual Dean's Challenge

For the second straight year, the ETSU women's basketball grant team will host its annual Dean's Challenge competition, beginning Wednesday night when the Lady Bucs take on USC Upstate.

The challenge, which began last year with a way to increase awareness across campus, saw just that. The four games apart of the challenge a year ago had an increase attendance of 36 percent. In total, the games played against Campbell, Lipscomb, Mercer and USC Upstate (from 2008-09 and 2009-10) saw a spike of 3,751 fans due to the Dean's Challenge.

"The Dean's Challenge, now in its second year of existence, has proven to be an outstanding way to generate excitement and attendance for Lady Buc Basketball," commented Senior Associate Athletic Director Barbie Breedlove. "I want to thank the deans that have participated in this challenge, as they are the ones who have made it such a huge success.  A dean of a college is a bright and competitive person by nature. Our deans here at ETSU have shown creativity and very strong competitive spirit, and they have brought hundreds of extra fans out to see ETSU Women's Basketball by accepting the Dean's Challenge and making it such a successful promotion."  

The Challenge will have two winners announced at the end of the competition as the colleges are competing for two $500 scholarships. The winners will be based on which college brings the most fans to the game, while the second winner is based on the largest percentage of tickets used (on their 200 ticket allotment).  

At the beginning of the challenge, each college was awarded 200 tickets to their selected game. If the college needed more tickets, they were given additional tickets based on an increment of 25 tickets.  

The competition pins four colleges together when the Lady Bucs host USC Upstate on Wednesday, Jan. 26; while five more colleges will come out to the Kennesaw State game this Saturday, Jan. 29 (see breakdown below).  

On Monday, Feb. 14 when ETSU hosts Jacksonville, the nine colleges will be invited back to the game to see which two deans won the scholarships.  

Below is a breakdown of the challenge:

Wednesday, Jan. 26 vs. USC Upstate
College of Pharmacy 
College of Business and Technology 
College of Medicine 
School of Graduate Studies  

Saturday, Jan. 29 vs. Kennesaw State
College of Education
College of Arts and Sciences
Honors College
School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach
College of Nursing  

Last season the College of Education (percentage of tickets used) and College of Pharmacy (total fans) won the inaugural challenge. Will they repeat again this year, or will a new college knock them off in 2010-11?   For more information on Lady Buccaneer hoops, visit www.ETSUBucs.com.

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ETSU Honors College & Office of Undergraduate Research




Student-Faculty Collaborative Grants:   The purpose of this fund is to encourage outstanding undergraduate students to complete an organized research project during their senior year. The Student-Faculty Collaborative Grant program is administered by The Honors College with funds made available from the Honors College, Provost’s Office, and Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.  In cooperation with our Office of International Programs, opportunities also exist for research projects conducted abroad.

This CALL represents the second of two rounds of competition this academic year. Grants funded under this cycle will become available EITHER in early May [must be spent by June 2011] or in mid-July, 2011 [to be spent by May 2012].  Please indicate preference for availability of funds on the NEW BUDGET FORM (required).

Any undergraduate junior or senior is eligible. The maximum award per grant will be $1,000.  The Applica­tion form, including the NEW BUDGET FORM, information on budgets, how proposals are evaluated, and how to submit your application, please visit our website:


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships:  These Fellowships are designed to assist outstanding undergraduate students in making major progress on a formal, organized research project in collaboration with a faculty mentor during the summer.  Three Fellowships are available for Summer 2011, and each pro­vide a maximum of $3000 (can include stipend):

4  George C. Sells Summer Research Fellowship [any discipline]

4  Honors College Summer Research Fellowship  [any discipline]

4  English Summer Research Fellowship [must be English major]

The application process for Fellowships is similar to Student-Faculty Collaborative grants.  In collaboration with a Faculty Mentor, students may submit a grant and a fellowship application simultaneously (only one award will be made).  More information about budget requirements and a link to the Summer Fellowship Application form (with instructions) maybe found at:


SUBMISSION:  For both Fellowship and SFC grant applications, all materials should be submitted electroni­cally as a single .pdf file to levyf@etsu.edu .  ONE PAPER COPY that includes review and signature by the Chair of the home department of the faculty sponsor must also be provided. Please deliver (campus mail is not recommended) your paper copy to The Honors College Office (#129, Yoakley Hall).  The deadline for submission (all copies) is:

4:00 pm, THURSDAY, March 10, 2011

QUESTIONS? More information??

Dr. Frosty Levy
(439-6926 or email levyf@etsu.edu)

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EuroScholars News Banner

Thank you for your interest in EuroScholars, a unique research study abroad program in Europe. In each edition, this newsletter aims to keep you updated with the latest program developments!  


In the Spotlight: K.U.Leuven University, Belgium

Research Opportunities

K.U. LeuvenAs a university, K.U.Leuven distinguishes itself from other research centres by its autonomous statement of problems, by the disinterested character of its fundamental research, by its focus on education and by the fact that within its walls almost all academic disciplines are represented. In a number of fields (such as biotechnology, environment, medical research, European integration and diversity, arts and nanotechnology) the university aspires to a place among the centres of excellence in Europe and in the world.


At K.U.Leuven, knowledge is transferred through high quality interdisciplinary teaching. Study programs pay special attention to the integration of professional training into a broad ethical, cultural and social context of education. Rather than passing on mere factual knowledge, students are encouraged to develop their skills to identify, formulate and solve problems. Thus, the necessary conditions for a stimulating educational experience are created. Special attention is paid to the steady evaluation of the teaching process in order to enhance the students’ capacity to study independently, to provide intensive individual guidance and an adequate evaluation system, and to make sure that the teaching staff has excellent didactic qualities, making use of new teaching methods and technologies.


Kellogg’s finances fundamental cereal science and nutrition research at K.U.Leuven

“This is the first time in its hundred-year history that Kellogg’s is financing fundamental research at a university,” Margaret Bath, Vice President Research, Quality and Technology at Kellogg’s tells us. “We chose K.U.Leuven because the university conducts the best research in cereal fibers and their metabolites in human nutrition.” Professors Jan Delcour of the Centre for Food and Microbial Technology and Kristin Verbeke of the Gastroenterology Section have been appointed joint holders of the W.K. Kellogg Chair in Cereal Science and Nutrition.

Margaret Bath: “We produce high-fiber cereal products for the general public. As far as we are concerned, co-operation with Kristin and Jan is the perfect choice for in-depth research into prebiotics extracted from wheat bran.” Prebiotics are carbohydrate components in food that are neither digested nor absorbed in the human small intestine and which selectively stimulate beneficial colon micro biota to the detriment of harmful micro-organisms.

“Cereal-derived prebiotics are indeed beneficial to human health,” Kristin Verbeke says. “What we don’t know is which metabolic processes play a role in this regard. Our objective is to discover the most important basic mechanisms of action in the digestive system, which explain how these processes work.” Nelson Almeida, Vice President of Global Nutrition and Regulatory Sciences at Kellogg’s: “Hitherto, nobody has unraveled these fundamental processes. Greater insight into the mechanisms of action behind the physiological processes that bring about nutritional and health benefits in the long run will enable us to make our products more effective and increase their nutritional and health value for our consumers. We believe that the research group led by Jan Delcour and Kristin Verbeke will successfully reveal these basic mechanisms.”

Margaret Bath: “Our headquarters may be located in America, but we are a truly multinational organization and are only interested in the best research, irrespective of where it is conducted.”


K.U.Leuven researchers awarded ERC grants totaling 5 million euro

Researchers Peter Carmeliet and Bart De Strooper have both been awarded Advanced Grants from the European Research Council. ERC Advanced Grants are the most prestigious European research grants, spanning a period of 5 years. Peter Carmeliet of the VIB Vesalius Research Centre will receive approximately 2.5 million euro for research focused on stopping the energy supply into blood vessels. This is a fundamentally new strategy to combat cancer. Bart De Strooper of the VIB Department of Developmental and Molecular Genetics will receive 2.5 million euro to develop a new approach to researching the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, based on disrupting the expression of microRNA (miRNA). This research may lay the foundation for new techniques to diagnose this devastating disease. It is also intended to result in the identification of new targets for medication.

EuroScholars can apply to join one of the research projects at K.U.Leuven

Students interested in doing research at KU Leuven but do not see a project that relates to their interest can inquire after possibilities here


Perspective from a EuroScholar: Gregory Zegarek's (Rutgers University, NJ) experience at Geneva University, Switzerland Fall 2010

Gregary ZegarekMy time spent in Geneva on the Euroscholars program proved to be everything that I expected and more. I look back very fondly on my time in the laboratory, and the people that I had the chance to meet while I was there. In my view, studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to broaden horizons in terms of cultural awareness, but the Euroscholars broadened my personal academic ambitions as well. Not only did I come back to my home institution with a new outlook on American relations, but I am now looking to pursue research as a career which I had not considered as a serious option before this experience.

In Geneva, I was working in an fMRI laboratory on a project concerning the effect of hypnosis on pain and stress. Of course there are laboratories in the United States that are doing fMRI research and even research on hypnosis, but traveling to Europe and conducting the research in Switzerland gave me the opportunity to see how the university system differs in Europe compared to the United States. Specifically, what I observed is that there is a more strict differentiation of the students into their respective disciplines in Europe such that they pursue a more focused course of study from high school whereas the American System embraces the idea of a liberal arts education with much opportunity to explore different areas of study. What I truly enjoyed about studying in Europe was the fact that the people in my lab came from many different countries not only in Europe but around the world. Thus, each person contributed a unique perspective to the lab environment.


As I now plan to continue to do research, I do want to retain some of the characteristic features of my European experience that I found to differ in America. For instance, I noticed that my colleagues in the lab took out time each day to eat lunch together in the café, whereas in the US researchers are more likely to grab a quick bite in between runs of an experiment. I think that keeping a social structure is important not only for human interaction but also for the spread of scientific ideas. Overall, the experience in Geneva was fantastic and I hope to someday make it back!


Application Process


  • Fall Semester - April 1
  • Spring Semester - Oct 1


  1. Search for Projects
  2. Online Application
  3. Mail Materials: Official Transcript, 2 Letters of Recommendation, Application Fee of $30, C.V. or Resume outlining any prior research or academic work in the desired area of research

Read more about the enrollment process


In This Issue:

Learn more about EuroScholars

DAAD Undergraduate Scholarships for Research and/or Internships in Germany

Highly qualified undergraduate students are invited to apply for scholarships funding study, senior thesis research and/or internships in Germany. The goal of this program is to support study abroad in Germany and at German universities. Preference will be given to students whose projects or programs are based at and organized by a German university.

Eligibility requirements, terms of award, application process information, an on-line application form etc. can be found at here.

Please note that the DEADLINE for application is January 31st.

Best Research Master Psychology in the Netherlands

The MSc in psychology (Research) at Leiden University has been assessed as the best training program in the field of Psychology.

EuroScholars students can apply for a research semester work at the department of Cognitive Psychology, “Projects in Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience” An overview of the current projects of staff members of the unit Cognitive Psychology can be found here.


Leiden University


For the academic year 2011-2012, the EuroScholars program will offer several EuroScholars Awards in the amount of € 500 each. All participants with a 3.5 GPA and higher are eligible and automatically considered for an award upon acceptance to a EuroScholars research project. There is no additional application required.

Additionally, a number of EuroScholars Institutional Awards up to € 2,000 each are available at a number of European Host Institutions. Participants who are accepted for a EuroScholars research project, with a GPA of 3.5 are eligible. There is no additional application required. In some cases a personal request may be requested.

Please refer to the EuroScholars website for more information about these scholarships and other scholarship resources.



Find a Research Project


Apply Now 

AustraLearn - AsiaLearn - EuroLearn 1-800-980-0033
www.australearn.org - www.asialearn.org - www.eurolearn.org


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NASA Summer Research Opportunities

Apply today to one of NASA’s summer research opportunities!

NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars

For more information, please contact: UNCFSP/ NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative, Phone: 1-800-231-9155, Email: nasaossi@uncfsp.org 

We are very excited about our collaboration with NASA on a great new initiative!  Students may apply now to one of NASA’s summer research opportunities on or before March 1, 2011.Through the agency’s new Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows and Scholars (SOLAR) System (http://intern.nasa.gov), undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields can search and apply to a variety of NASA opportunities. Visit the SOLAR Launchpad at http://intern.nasa.gov. Through this website, students can register, complete one application, and apply to up to 15 specific research opportunities.  We encourage qualified students to begin their application today! A completed application must include the following:

  • General Information
  • Education and Work Experience
  • (1) Resume
  • (1) Transcript
  • (1) Letter of Recommendation (Students should allow enough time to request the Letter of Recommendation, and to have it submitted by the Recommender by March 1st application is not complete until the Letter of Recommendation is received by the system.)

As a NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) recruitment specialist, UNCF Special Programs Corporation (UNCFSP) has the important and privileged role of informing, mentoring and preparing interested students to take advantage of the valuable education and career advancement opportunities being offered by NASA. If you have questions or need assistance with completing your application, please call us at 1-800-231-9155 or email: nasaossi@uncfsp.org  for assistance.

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Science Education Programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Are you or do you know of a student that is looking for a paid science education internship? On the site listed below, you will find information about the various scientific educational programs offered at ORNL. Whether you are a recent graduate, a graduate student, and undergraduate, a K-12 teacher, or a faculty member, ORNL has a program that will engage you in a scientific learning experience. Please browse and apply to our educational opportunities at http://www.orau.org/ornl

We're looking for summer interns to work with world-class scientists on cutting edge research! The Science Education Programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory offer several programs for undergraduate students in STEM fields to participate in a summer internship.  Three of the undergraduate  programs are highlighted below.  For a full list of programs, including others for grad students, faculty, postdocs, and other recent graduates,  visit our website at http://www.orau.org/ornl. We hope you will share this information with your students.

Department of Energy (DOE) Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) The DOE SULI program is a nationwide undergraduate internship experience that occurs at a National Laboratory. The program is open to undergraduate students that are either U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. Students must have completed the first semester of college. Applications open on May 1 for a fall internship, September 1 for a spring internship, and October 1 for a 10 week summer internship.  Priority deadline for summer 2011 applicants: February 1. Please choose Oak Ridge National Laboratory as your first choice.

Higher Education Research Experiences (HERE) This program is open to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents who are currently enrolled in an A.S. or B.S. degree program with a minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0, including those who have completed a B.S. within the past year. Opportunities are available for 10 or more weeks during the summer term; some sabbatical appointments lasting 6 to 12 months, plus some intermittent appointments, also are available. Priority suggested deadline period for summer 2011 applicants: February 1 - March 31.

Department of Energy (DOE) Community College Institute (CCI) This program places students from community colleges into paid internships across the country at a DOE National Laboratory. Students work with scientists or engineers on projects related to the laboratories’ research programs. The CCI program is open to both U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents during the summer term for 10 weeks for students currently in working toward a STEM related degree at community college and with at least one semester completed. Priority deadline for summer 2011 applicants: February 1. Please choose Oak Ridge National Laboratory as your first choice.  

For more information on all the Science Education Programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory contact: ornledu@orau.org.

Please browse through the Research Profiles on the different participants and their research experiences at the right hand side of the bottom of the web site. Also, there is a featured two minute video of research participants at ORNL sharing their thoughts on how accesses to world-class research facilities and staff have catapulted their careers in science and technology. If you would like to see the six minute video, you can find it on YouTube at http://ow.ly/2EQLz

If you are a Facebook user, 'like' the fan page of 'Internships for Undergraduates and Graduate Students at ORNL' to see what is going on at ORNL for the students and different types of program information such as deadlines on the various programs, and start discussions with current applicants or past participants.

If you are a Post-graduate (master's or doctoral) 'like' the fan page of 'Science Education Programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory'. It provides the job opportunities for your academic level in all majors. Both fan pages provides the news and releases of what is happening at ORNL.

Contact:  Cheryl Terry, Program Manager, Educational Student Programs ORNL, Bldg. 5100, MS 6173 Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6173 Phone: (865) 576-3427 Fax: (865) 241-8966 Email: cheryl.terry@orau.org 

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International Education Week Student Essay Contest Winners

International Student Essay Contest Winners

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Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

Sensing and Signaling

Contact: Dr. Cynthia B. Peterson (cbpeters@utk.edu)
Dates: June 6 through July 29
Benefits: $3200 stipend, housing, insurance and travel allowance

The Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is hosting a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates with the theme of 'Sensing and Signaling.' It is open to current sophomores and juniors, and priority given to juniors. The program runs from June 6 through July 29, 2011. Note that the official deadline March 30, 2011. For more with information and application instructions visit http://web.bio.utk.edu/bcmb/reu/index.shtml

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Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Deadline - Candidate Nomination - January 15; Application Deadline - January 27

This scholarship is for students in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering. The Foundation will award undergraduate scholarships to outstanding students in the spring for use in the following academic year (up to $7,000).  Awards are made on the basis of merit to two groups of students -- those who will be college juniors and those who will be college seniors in the academic year following the spring award.  Students selected must have an outstanding potential and intend to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. Students need to finish their applications online. However, they need to be nominated by ETSU. Candidate nomination is January 15. Application deadline is January 27. For more information contact:  Chunhua Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship ETSU.   For more information, visit http://www.act.org/goldwater/index.html or http://www.etsu.edu/honors/university/scholarships/goldwater.asp

For information about the application process, please click here and here.

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Washington Center 35th Birthday Gala Celebration

ETSU was well-represented at the Gala celebration of the 35th birthday of The Washington Center Internship & Seminar Program.  The Gala was held October 4th at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.  Participation by ETSU resulted in scholarships for future ETSU students to attend The Washington Center.  

Special thanks are extended to donors for the evening who were unable to attend, including Dr. Paul Stanton & Nancy Stanton; Provost Bert Bach & Diana Bach; The Honorable Bill Jenkins & Kathryn Jenkins; Louie& Lucy Gump; Douglas Coleman, and William & Margaret Campbell.

Sitting L-R, Dr. Richard J. Wood (Vice Chair, Nat'l Assoc of Japan-America Societies); Ms. Judith Wood; Mrs. Susan Whealler Johnston; Dr. Joseph Johnston (Sr. Vice-President, The Washington Center). 

Standing L-R:  Mr. Andrew Duke (Chief of Staff, Congressman Phil Roe); Ms. Whitney Calhoun (Office of  Senator Bob Corker); Ms. Katharine Jones (ETSU intern with U.S. Attorney's Office); Mr. Larry La (ETSU Alumni Board of Directors and owner Meiwah restaurants, Washington DC); Dr. Rebecca Pyles (Dean, ETSU Honors College); Jeffrey Anderson (Assoc. Vice-President, ETSU Advancement).

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Tennessee Map

The Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council (TCHC) is an organization of undergraduate honors programs and colleges in Tennessee emphasizing the advancement of honors education at institutions of higher learning in the state of Tennessee.  Colleges and universities offering honors programs or with an interest in honors work are eligible for institutional memberships. The Council supports programs and activities to meet the needs of exceptionally talented and motivated students.

Each year, TCHC hosts an annual meeting at a selected college or university in Tennessee.  We are pleased that the Honors College of East Tennessee State University will host the upcoming 2011 conference on February 18-19, 2011.  Please join us to celebrate Honors education and the 100th Birthday of ETSU!  More information about the annual meeting and conference can be found at http://www.etsu.edu/honors/tchc/annualconference.asp.

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Your Calendar Now!!
for the
2011 Boland Undergraduate Research Symposium
March 22, 2011

For more information, contact the Honors College Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities at levyf@etsu.edu.  Registration deadline is March 2, 2011 at http://www.etsu.edu/honors/research/symposium.asp

2011 Symposium Flyer

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Many students feel they just don't have the skills to rally hundreds of their peers, have a big impact on corporations, or feel they're able to pressure our elected officials.  During the Organizing Term, you'll learn about current environmental issues and solutions.  You'll also be trained by experts in grassroots organizing, leadership, media, and campaign strategy.

Greenpeace is the largest global non-profit organization standing up for the environment and peace. We use peaceful direct action, creative confrontation, and grassroots organizing to expose global environmental problems and to promote peaceful solutions. From grassroots actions such as engaging communities to close an unsafe nuclear power plant (http://members.greenpeace.org/blog/greenpeaceusa_blog?cat=38890)  to end, to dramatic direct action like the recent occupation of the Stena Don oil rig in the Arctic Ocean (http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/multimedia/videos/Taking-Action-with-Greenpeace-Sim-McKenna/) Greenpeace is on the frontlines of environmental change.

The Greenpeace Organizing Term is a semester-long hands-on training program designed to give you hands on experience to learn how to be a leader in the environmental movement in your community. During the semester, you'll learn about current environmental issues and solutions while being trained by experts in grassroots organizing, leadership, media, and campaign strategy.

You will have an amazing opportunity to travel within the U.S. and on the Greenpeace Expedition, planning and working on real Greenpeace campaigns. Many students receive course credit for the semester through their college or university.

Spend a Semester with Greenpeace! Our Spring Semester in San Francisco begins on January 24th, 2011.  The deadline to apply is October 15th, 2010.  Apply today.

If you have any questions about the program, contact us at got@wdc.greenpeace.org

For a green and peaceful future,
The GOT Recruitment Team
Greenpeace USA


Ivy Schlegel
Greenpeace Organizing Term Coordinator
Greenpeace USA
75 Arkansas Street, Ste 1
San Francisco, CA 94107
p: (415) 255-9221 ext 318
c: (415) 271-3366

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The Council on Undergraduate Research hosts a Registry of Undergraduate Researchers.  The purpose of this registry is to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates who have research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree, with graduate schools seeking high quality students who are well prepared for research.  The Registry is open to students and graduate schools in the fields of Anthropology/Archaeology, Arts/Humanities, Biology/Biochemistry, Business, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Economics, Education, Engineering, English and Linguistics, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, Health Professions, History, Journalism and Communications, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics/ Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology.

Any undergraduate may go to https://www.cur.org/ugreg/reg1.asp to fill out a simple curriculum vitae form.  There is no charge to the student or the student's institution and records will be made available to bona fide Graduate Schools that contract with CUR for this service.  Organizations or companies seeking the students’ information for other marketing purposes will not be granted access.  Graduate School representatives may contact students to invite applications or visits to the campus and laboratory, or to share information about their research programs and financial support opportunities.

We hope that students who are currently in their junior year will register now, but anyone with undergraduate research experience may register at any time.  You will be able to update your listing as appropriate, to include any summer research experience or information about Senior Theses and test scores.  We also welcome submissions by students who are engaged in Masters' Degree programs now but who plan on going on to a PhD program. Just fill out the information on the form including the date you intend to enter a PhD program and your date of completion of your undergraduate degree.  Upload a link to your CV that contains complete information about your MS/MA degree activity (school, subject, thesis topic (if applicable), and advisor).

Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions.

Be sure to include a statement of your research interests, as this will be important for making the match.

Graduate schools may provide a link to their websites, and may provide a short description of opportunities, such as research fields and fellowships. For graduate schools that wish to review the student information, there is an access fee of $1,500 for the entire database, or $300 for one specific discipline.  Again, there is no cost to you as a student to create a profile.

CUR believes that this service will be a great benefit for both students and graduate schools by narrowing the search for the right match.  So if you are interested in graduate school, please take a moment to register now.  For more information or to login if you've already created a profile, please visit: http://www.cur.org/ugreg/


Robin Howard

Senior Director, Membership Services

Council on Undergraduate Research

734 15th St NW Suite 550

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 783-4810x203

(202) 783-4811 fax



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Academic Excellence Convocation

East Tennessee State University will recognize students for superior achievement during the annual Academic Excellence Convocation on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at 7:30 p.m.

Students receiving Faculty Awards, voted by the faculty as the most outstanding students in each respective academic department, will be honored, along with all graduating students achieving cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude academic standings. Graduating students in the University Honors, Fine and Performing Arts, Midway Honors, and Roan Scholars will also be recognized.

The Academic Excellence Convocation is free and open to the public. Family and friends of the students being recognized are especially encouraged to attend the ceremony followed by a reception.  Please contact Donna Williams, The Honors College, 423-439-6076 or williadj@etsu.edu with questions or for more information.

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St. Jude Children s Research Hospital

Students are invited to apply for St. Judy Children's Research Hospital  NIH/NCI-funded (5 R25CA023944) Pediatric Oncology Education (POE) Program <http://www.stjude.org/poe>. The program offers a unique opportunity for students preparing for careers in the biomedical sciences, medicine, and pharmacy to gain biomedical and oncology research experience. Students participate in basic or clinical oncology research, research and clinical conferences, and a core lecture series designed specifically for them. All participants make a PowerPoint presentation on their research project and submit a report on their research project written in the style of a journal in which their mentor publishes.

A primary goal of the POE program is to encourage students to pursue a career in cancer research. Thus, we are particularly interested in highly qualified students with a serious career interest in cancer research, either as a clinical scientist or laboratory-based research scientist.

The POE 2010 class average undergraduate GPA was 3.825. In 2010, 51 students from 42 schools in 18 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico were selected from 460 applicants. POEs must be United States citizens, non-citizen nationals, or possess a visa permitting permanent residence in the United States (required by the funding agency). All must have completed at least their college sophomore year by the time they participate. Sophomores without relevant research experience will not be competitive applicants for our program. While not required, prior research experience is a strong advantage for all applicants. Medical students spend a minimum of 9 weeks in the program. The minimum tenure requirement for all others is 11 weeks (10 weeks for returning students). All POE applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.40 (on a 4.0 scale) in math and science (biology, chemistry, and physics) and at least a 3.40 overall. The stipend is $4,000. Fully furnished group housing adjacent to our campus is provided at no cost for non- local students.

The POE home page http://www.stjude.org/poe> contains links to the program application, which must be submitted online. The deadline for receipt of all 2011 application materials is February 1, 2011. Early application is highly recommended. Members of under-represented ethnic minority groups and women are particularly encouraged to apply, since one of our major long-term program goals is to increase the diversity of persons engaged in oncology research and practice. Our NIH/NCI-funded (2 P30CA021765-32S1) Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE) grant provides stipends for additional undergraduate under-represented minority POE Program participants.

Suzanne Gronemeyer, PhD
Director, Pediatric Oncology Education (POE) Program Associate
Director, Academic Programs St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place, Mail Stop 0304
Memphis, TN 38105-3678
901-595-2488 Phone
901-595-3292 FAX
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Application and information may be found at this web site: http://see.orau.org/ProgramDescription.aspx?Program=10038

or contact: Alicia Wells at alicia.wells@orau.org

The U. S. Department of Commerce (DOC)-Internship for Postsecondary Students Program anticipates having approximately 13 internships available during the Spring 2011 Session.  Ten of the internships are for graduate students and three are for undergraduate students.  Internships will be in the Washington, D.C metro area.  Selected applicants will intern for up to 15 weeks beginning as early as 03 January 2011.   Internships require either part time (20-24 hours per week) or full time (40 hours per week). These internships offer opportunities to participants for hands-on education and training related to their fields of interest and those of the DOC.

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FBI Honors Internship Program for Summer 2011

The FBI has announced they are looking for students from your academic areas to apply to their FBI Honors Internship Program for summer 2011. I have posted on our Career and Internship Services website main page the announcement containing the website address for the FBI Internship. To expedite the process, the address to share with your students via this e-mail is www.fbijobs.gov. The program has a list of minimal requirements for students to review.

Students in your academic areas are the most sought, but the FBI is allowing other disciplines to apply. The following academic disciplines were specifically discussed by the special agent assigned to our ETSU Internship Program:

Accounting, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Computer Science/IT, Nursing, English, Foreign Languages, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences.

Students must be US Citizens. Unfortunately I just received this information today and the deadline is November 19, 2010.  Interested students must have a resume completed and ready to upload through the site.

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