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How to Use the Database

The Office of Undergraduate Research in the Honors College provides a database that describes Research & Creative Opportunities available to students at ETSU.  This database serves as an interface for students to find information concerning potential research opportunities in their field of interest and for faculty to let students know about specific projects available or their general areas of interest in research and creative activities.  This database also is a way for faculty members to let students know they are interested in working with students and serving as a research mentor. Although the system was originally conceived to facilitate undergraduate student, faculty should note that opportunities can be indicated for graduate students or “either.”

Only faculty members can create or modify “Opportunities” in this database (except for administrative access by the Honors College offices).   Students can browse the database in various ways, with options to sort opportunities by the faculty member's name, department, possible applicable degree programs, dates of availability, and by any words used in the title or description of the research. The database can help students find a research project and faculty mentor in a field that inspires or motivates them.   This on-line database system currently can be accessed only through use of a valid ETSU email or imail account.

Once logged in, faculty can create or modify “opportunity” records.  These opportunities can describe a specific project or simply the general scholarship interests of the faculty member.  Faculty can enter multiple records.  We do ask that, once a student has “claimed” any specific project, faculty keep their records up-dated on the system by indicating that the Student Position Status is “filled.”  The overall status of each opportunity record also indicates whether the project is Active, Completed or simply ended (i.e., for other reasons than “complete”).

Please remember to use ETSU\<username> when logging into the database. For example, if your e-mail address is ABCDEF@etsu.edu, log into the database using ETSU\ABCDEF for your username. The password is the same as the mail or imail account password.  Faculty are responsible for updating the status of projects, which will be clearly indicated on each opportunity listed.  The database may be found at: http://etsuis.etsu.edu/ResearchOpps/.

This will meet the need of the many students who are seeking a research experience but do not know where or how to begin the process of finding a project and mentor.  Hence, the database is an exciting new resource to allow faculty and students to identify research projects that match their interests. The Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Opportunities seeks to facilitate the participation of more undergraduate students in research, encourage longer research experiences, and improve the quality of these experiences through faculty mentoring.   We hope that this database of Opportunities will assist both students and faculty at ETSU.

If you should have any questions or need assistance with the database, please contact Dr. Frosty Levy (Director of Undergraduate Research; 439-6926; levyf@etsu.edu), Dr. Rebecca Pyles (439-6076; pylesr@etsu.edu), or Ms. Donna Williams (439-6076; williadj@etsu.edu).

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