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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 30, 2001


Board Members present:  Jay Allen, Rosemary Barson, William A. Coleman, Jean Copeland, Bill Fisher, Harold Johnson, Betty Moore, Bill Pafford, Harry Powell, Dorman Stout, Betty Tester, and Charles Votaw.  Others present: Edith Keys, Jeff Anderson, Bill Coleman, and Diana McClay.

Mrs. Copeland, President, called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

The minutes of the September 2001 meeting were approved as distributed.

President Copeland called for committee reports.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Jean Copeland, Chair

Election of new officers will take place at the November Board meeting.  Mrs. Copeland will check to determine the proper procedure prior to that meeting. Mrs. Copeland has heard many compliments on the luncheon.  Notably, a very enthusiastic Lester Hartsell called before returning to Florida to voice his pleasure.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Rosemary Barson, Chair

Mrs. Barson announced that membership for 2001 is 273, and that there are already 181 on the role for 2002.  President Copeland expressed appreciation to Mrs. Barson for an outstanding job.


Mrs. Tester distributed the financial report which shows an operating fund of $2,777.82, total assets of $61,742.01, Life Membership of $10,175.00, Scholarship Endowment of $47,561.82, and Endowment Interest Income of $1327.37.  Costs for the luncheon have not been paid out of the operating fund yet.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Dr. Dorman Stout, Chair

Dr. Stout distributed a summary of the Annual Meeting, showing 77 in attendance, with expenditures being $29.15 above total receipts.  It was agreed that the present locale is fine for next year's luncheon.  Board members suggested that the President be invited to speak each year, and that the slide presentation be repeated.  Dr. Stout thanked everyone for helping with the luncheon to make it a success.

LIAISON:  Dr. William Fisher

Following is a summary of some of the main issues discussed by Dr. Fisher:

1.      Dr. Fisher attended a meeting of the committee appointed in 1997 to oversee the State Retirement Plan.   Two companies presented their reasons for adding or deleting options.  Valic gave the more effective presentation, and announced that they will stay in with no changes.  If changes were to be made, the company would contact members.

2.      At the October meeting of the TEA Retirement Commission, the Director of Insurance for the State made a presentation.

3.      In early November, David Logan will represent ETSU at Memphis State at a meeting of Faculty Senate officers from all four higher education schools. Dr. Fisher will report when he gets information from that meeting.

4.      Dr. Stanton will address the ETSU Faculty Senate November 5.  Dr. Fisher will report in November.

5.      AT UETEC, the Director of Social Security announced that the 2002 COLA will be 2.6%, and that the Medicare premium will go from $50.00 to $54.00. 

6.      Dr. Fisher attended a Town Meeting in Jonesborough at which Rep. David Davis spoke.  He was asked how many of our legislators oppose a State Income Tax. He answered, all but two.  There are enough votes in the House, but not in the Senate.  Were it to pass, it would then be sent to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

7.      At a breakfast meeting, Senator Rochelle suggested that our East Tennessee legislators need to get busy if they want to get anything from the state government.


Diana McClay noted that we usually send out a Fundraising letter in November or December to support the Scholarship Fund.  Dr. Pafford moved that a letter as described be sent out.  Dr. Allen gave a second, and the motion passed.

Mrs. McClay thanked all those who worked at the SGA election booth.

Dr. Pafford reported that prescription drugs can be bought from Canada at about 1/3 the cost in the U.S.  Dr. Stout asked if we should provide this sort of information to the membership.  Dr. Fisher suggested that we might have a program on this at a social prior to the usual April Eat and Chat.  Dr. Pafford reminded us that it is actually illegal to bring these drugs across the border without declaring them.  President Copeland asked that we all consider this topic for possible discussion at the November Board meeting.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Betty C. Moore, Secretary  

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