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Board Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2003

Board Members present: Jay Allen, Martha Bradley, Joan C. Dressel, Bill Fisher, George Granger, Harold K. Johnson, Betty Moore, Willene Paxton, Dorman Stout, and Betty Tester. Others present: Edith Keys, Diana McClay, and Jeff Anderson.

Ms. Betty Moore called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. and thanked Dr. Dorman Stout for his excellent leadership during 2002.  She also recognized newly elected board members:  Dr. Martha Bradley, Dr. Bill Fisher, and Dr. George Granger.

The minutes of November 27, 2002 were approved as distributed on a motion by Dr. Jay Allen and a second by Ms. Betty Tester.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Ms. Betty Moore, Chair

Ms. Moore suggested four priorities she would like for the association to consider, those being:

1.      Continue with the Tales of the University under the leadership of Dr. Willene Paxton.

2.      Membership goal of 300 or "bust."

3.      Strengthen our community service activities.

4.      Creative ways to increase the scholarship fund.

Ms. Moore also encouraged others to suggest additional goals or priorities.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Dr. Martha Bradley, Chair

Dr. Bradley reported she would have her committee organized before the next meeting.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Ms. Betty Tester, Chair

Ms. Tester distributed the financial report for the months of December 2002 and January 2003.  The following balances were reported at the end January 2003:

Operating Fund ......................................... $2,645.05

Life Membership Account ........................ $10,850.00

Scholarship Endowment Account ............. $59,346.38

Endowment Interest Account ........................ $600.50

Ms. Tester reported the association provides five $300 scholarships annually. She also noted that the University was only receiving 1% interest on investments thus causing the Endowment Interest Account insufficient to cover the scholarship awards.  

A discussion followed as to how we could increase the Endowment Interest Account in order to continue with the five scholarships.  Several suggestions were presented; however, before any final decisions are made Jeff Anderson and Betty Tester are to investigate the legal aspects. They are to report their findings at the February meeting.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Ms. Joan Dressel, Chair

Ms. Dressel presented the following dates for out social activities:

1.      Annual Picnic ------------------- June 26, 2003

2.      Annual Banquet ----------------- October 24, 2003

3.      "Eat and Chat” ------------------ February 20, 2003

4.      "Eat and Chat”------------------ April 17, 2003

5.      "Eat and Chat” ------------------ September 18, 2003

It was decided the “Eat and Chat” gatherings would continue to be held at Shoney's Restaurant.


Dr. Humphrys was absent, however, she had communicated with the president reporting that most of the telephone callers from last year had been contacted and they were willing to continue serving and that a few new callers would be added.

SERVICE COMMITTEE: Dr. George Granger, Chair

Dr. Granger reported that fifty individuals had responded positively to the survey relative to assisting with Smallpox Clinics if a bio-terrorist attack occurred. He also stated he felt sure many more would be available if needed. Dr. Granger will copy the survey sheets and make them available to Dr. Eachus, Regional Health Officer.

Dr. Granger said he was on the agenda for the Dean's Council for the purpose of letting them know the Retirees Association is available for whatever endeavors the association may be needed.

The board reviewed the Retired Faculty Senate list for the purpose of identifying individuals who might benefit from a Needs Assistance program. It was also noted that retired staff members might also benefit from such a program. The results of the review will be forwarded to Prof. Linda J. Kerley, President of the Faculty Senate

LIAISON COMMITTEE: Dr. Bill Fisher, Chair

Dr. Fisher distributed a wealth of material. The first handout showed how candidates in the November 5, 2002 election fared relative to the number of precincts won and the total votes received. Also, a publication was distributed from Mountain State Health Alliance congratulating new governor-elect Phil Bredesen and the Northeast Tennessee Legislative Caucus, etc.  A second handout gave the analysis of revenue and expenses of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System.

These handouts will be available in Diana McClay's office for further review.


Ms. Moore presented a proposed addition to the ETSURA Bylaws prepared by Dr. Barbara Humphrys and Ms. Jean Copeland. The proposed addition to Article III, Section 2 reads:  

If desired, these board members may appoint an additional board member from the active ETSURA membership to serve as special legislative liaison with the state and local governing organizations in matters especially related to retired faculty and staff.  

This proposal will be brought to the "Eat and Chat" gathering on February 20, 2003 for the association's consideration.

Dr. Willene Paxton reported her committee, Tales of the University, had the material together for the April addition of the ETSU ACCENT.  She also noted that Anita Crawford, Dr. Jerry Hilliard, and Joan Dressel had been added to her committee.

The president reported a good turn-out for the BucSports Center open house and letters of appreciation were mailed to Jerry Robertson and Athletic Director, Todd Stansbury.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday, February 25. 2003.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Respectively submitted,


Harold K. Johnson, Secretary

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