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Board Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2003


Board Members present:  Jay Allen, Joan Dressel, Bill Fisher, George Granger, Barbara Humphrys, Betty Moore, Willene Paxton, Dorman Stout, Betty Tester, and Charles Votaw. Others present: Diana McClay and Jeff Anderson.

Ms. Betty Moore called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.  The previous minutes were approved as distributed on a motion by Jay Allen and seconded by Bill Fisher.

Dorman Stout shared a first draft of a letter suggesting an income tax in Tennessee to be distributed at the annual picnic.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Ms. Betty Moore, Chair

Ms. Moore made note of some minor bylaw changes to be presented at the annual meeting.


We have 246 members in hand which includes 12 new retirees.  Jay is a bit disappointed in the renewal response he is receiving.

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Betty Tester, Chair

Endowment interest income account (from which scholarships are paid) stands at $1,192.81.  This plus interest to be earned and accredited will fund the planned scholarships.  She noted that the low interest rate yield problem will continue next year.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Joan Dressel, Chair

Cost of picnic, including food, drink, and paper products, will be $4.00.

Note:  Tales of the University by Dr. Paxton is on the web.


A letter is going out April 1 to serve as a reminder for callers of the April 17th Eat and Chat.


We have made known our availability but have had no requests as yet.

LIAISON COMMITTEE:  Bill Fisher, Chair

As usual, Bill brought several items to our attention including:

(1)         The Governor's proposal to begin the process toward solving the teacher salary equity problem in Tennessee.  This proposal would bring the difference between the highest and lowest paying systems from $16,612 down to $13,268.  He noted that Hawkins, Carter, and Hickman are the three counties receiving in excess of $1,000,000 each.

(2)         He shared the higher education reductions for fiscal year 2003-2004.  ETSU College of Medicine will be cut $2,216,000 and ETSU $4,872,300.

(3)         He attended the March 3 Faculty Senate meeting to discuss the "Status of the Budget."    The meeting was attended by President Stanton, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Bach, Dr. Franks, Dr. Collins, and Mr. Kelly, legal counsel.  Bill noted that the meeting was poorly attended with few if any non-senators present. A list of questions relating to position and salary cuts was distributed.  Question #4 asked, "Will graduate assistantships be impacted?  Answer: no.  Question #8 inquired as to incentive pay.  Answer: no.  Retirement Incentive plan for 2004.  In total, 19 questions.  C:/MyFiles/Faculty Senate/questions.doc

(4)         "Lottery Debate Intensifies..."  A bill setting criteria for lottery-funded scholarships passed the Senate Education Committee by a 5-4 vote. Debate centered on the high school grade point, income levels of parents, the home-school issue, public vs. private colleges and universities.

(5)         Bill shared a copy of the Chamber of Commerce survey questions for City Commission candidates and JC School Board candidates.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday, April 29, 2003

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectively submitted,


George Granger, Acting Secretary

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