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GED Information

The General Education Development (GED) Tests consists of five separate tests:  Writing Skills, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Literature& the Arts.   A total scaled score of 225 is required which is average score of 45 per test.  A minimum score of 40 is required to pass each individual test.

Other General Information on the GED Test

  1. The General Education Development Test for a High School Equivalency Diploma  is administered at Northeast State Technical Community College.  For more information, call 1-423-323-0211.  

  2. The applicant must be eighteen years of age to be eligible to take the test. Identity and age must be verified using photographic identification. Drivers’ licenses, passports, military or school identification cards, government identification cards, and identification provided by the motor vehicle department to non-drivers which show name, address, birth date, signature, and photograph are all acceptable forms of identification. If applicant is seventeen years of age, an age waiver from the superintendent’s office must be attached with applicant’s birth certificate.

  3. A total of 225 or more points must be earned on the five tests to be eligible for a High School Equivalency Diploma in Tennessee. GRADES CANNOT BE REPORTED OVER THE PHONE. They will be mailed to you within three weeks after you complete the test. If you pass, your diploma will be mailed to you directly from the School Approval Office in Nashville.

  4. Books to aid in preparation for taking the GED Test may be purchased at the East Tennessee State University Bookstore or area bookstores.

  5. Adults who are not high school graduates and who are seeking admission to East Tennessee  State University on the basis of high school level GED scores are required to have an average standard score of 45 and meet all other admission requirements.

Further Information may be obtained by calling (423)323-0211

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