The Writing Process


This course’s main objective is to provide the employee with the basic writing skills necessary to compose formal and informal documents.  The lessons and exercises in this course describe writing as a six-step process rather than an individual task.  The participant will develop an understanding of each of the six steps.  The participant will demonstrate knowledge of the process by creating original essays and short stories. 

Upon completion of this course, the participant will demonstrate competencies in the writing process in the following six areas:

  •   Reading the Writing Assignment (Or Choosing a Topic)
  •   Listing Your Ideas
  •   Grouping & Naming
  •   Adding Details & Putting Groups in Order
  •   Writing the Introductory Paragraph
  •   Writing the Body of Your Document


Evaluation process includes an informal in-take on the current level of participant’s knowledge and skills as related to reading and writing.   Competencies in each of the six steps will be measured with a pre- and post-test.  The post-test of each of the six steps must be passed in order to continue with the course.  Instructor observation will be used to determine rate of progression and amount of practice and extra course work needed by the participant.


Upon completion of the lessons and exercises of all six steps, the participant will create a series of writing documents.  The participant completes course when he/she demonstrates the ability to create business/post-high school quality letters, memos, essays, and short stories.

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