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ETSU Retirees Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 29, 2005



Board Members present:  President Betty Tester, Pauline Cross, Bill Fisher, Styron Harris, Art Hougland, Kenneth Herd, Bill Miller, Chesla Sharp, Dorman Stout, and Ed Williams.  Also present was Donna Williams.


President Betty Tester called the meeting to order.  A motion to approve the February minutes as mailed was made, seconded, and passed.


Committee Reports:




President Tester has asked Jay Allen to consider serving on the Wellness Committee. 




Mrs. Cross reported that 29 members have joined since the February meeting.


FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Bill Miller, Chair


Bill Miller reported: 


Operating Fund Account .............................. $ 4,006.45

Life Membership Account ............................. 11,700.00

Scholarship Investment Account.................... 76,011.37

Endowment Interest Account.......................... 2,630.66


Total Assets.................................................. $94,348.48


Betty Tester reported that the Johnson City Mall fundraising event required that an organization be a 501c3 organization; therefore, ETSURA was not eligible to participate.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE:  Dr. Kenneth Herd, Chair


The next Eat & Chat will be held on Wednesday, April 13, at Shoney’s.  Dr. Herd reported that he has consulted with Golden Corral and the Millennium Center.  Inquiries were made as to the availability of the Main Meal in the Culp Center.  A discussion was held and the consensus was that the Eat & Chat be held at Shoney’s for the present.  Dr. Herd will preside at the April 13 Eat & Chat as Betty Tester will be unable to ttend.


The picnic, to be held June 16 (Harris Pavilion), will be discussed at the April meeting.


TALES OF THE UNIVERSITY:  Dr. Chesla Sharp, Chair


Dr. Sharp noted that Willene Paxton and Betty Tester should be added to the Committee.  He also reported that the committee had met and a problem is that more people need to contribute their stories.  A discussion was held concerning expanding stories beyond faculty members along with requesting ideas or topics to recall memories, e.g. when Nixon was at ETSU. 




Dr. Harris reported that the calling committee consisting of 14 members is in place and would start calling concerning the Eat & Chat next week.




Dr. Stout reporting that the volunteer program is not being enthusiastically received.  Suggestions were made concerning how to increase the activity of this committee.  One suggestion was that the Human Resources office might contact the committee when employees are scheduled to be away from the office.  Another was that flyers for the departmental bulletin boards might be distributed.


LIAISON COMMITTEE:  Dr. William Fisher, Chair


Dr. Fisher distributed handouts concerning a Medicare meeting which he has attended and Social Security information and a general discussion concerning these topics ensued.  He also reported that he been appointed to recruit members for the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education of which ETSURA is a member. 


A general discussion concerning the membership followed with an analysis from Dr. Herd concerning ratios of retirees in the different colleges to members.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 26, 2005, at 3:30 p.m. in University Advancement’s conference room.


Respectfully submitted,




Donna Williams

Acting Secretary


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