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Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Present:  Janet Fisher, Bill Fisher, Styron Harris, Ken Herd, Betty Hylton, Ted Hughes, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Dorman Stout, Betty Tester, Crystal Gilland. Don Wilkinson is recovering from illness and Pauline Cross was excused from the meeting.

President Herd called the meeting to order at 3:30.  The minutes of the March meeting were approved as amended. [The date for the Magic Night of Giving was corrected from Thursday, November 19 to Sunday, November 19 to conform to the calendar].  Ken asked that his letter to Diana McClay be included in the minutes.

Committee reports:

Membership Committee:  Pauline Cross, chair.

            Ken reported that Pauline listed membership at 314.


Finance Committee:  Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of March, 2006.

             Operating Fund Account                                                 $   2,798.32

            Life Membership Account                                              $ 12,490.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account                $ 91,637.59

            Endowment Interest Income Account                            $    3,097.38

            TOTAL ASSETS                                                           $110,023.29


Program Committee:  Janet Fisher, chair.

Janet announced that the annual meeting will take place on Friday, October l3. The luncheon will be held in the ballroom.  The move should make the viewing of slides easier than in the joint dining rooms that we have used in the past.

 The bulk of Janet’s report dealt with the up-coming picnic at Rotary Park on June 15 from 11-2.  Crystal pointed out that we went in the hole for over one hundred dollars last year.  The board voted unanimously to increase the price of this year’s ticket to six dollars per person.  Crystal indicated that material for the newsletter needs to be in her office by May l5.  The newsletter will go out in the last week of May.  It was decided that the invitation to the membership to the picnic should go out before the newsletter.

Ken announced that he had asked Betty Hylton to consider the question of the scrapbook.  Betty’s suggestion was that we approach archives to see if they would like to store it there. Betty felt that some of the material was not acid-free and therefore not archival material. It was felt that some of the material covered in a scrapbook was now being collected elsewhere in the University.  Styron was concerned if we depended on Human Resources for pictures they would not identify individuals.  Ken asked Styron to check with university photo service to see if the individual’s identity was kept in its current photos.  Bill Miller asked whom did we want to read the material.  It was moved and seconded that we stop adding to the scrapbook and that we ask archives if they would like to store the material now existing there.  The motion was passed unanimously. 


Communications Committee:  Styron Harris, chair.

Betty Hylton said that two people at the Eat and Chat mentioned that they did not get a call reminding them of the meeting.  Betty added them to her e-mail list and Styron said he would work on getting the committee to try harder to reach all people on the list. 


Liaison Committee:  Bill Fisher, chair.

Bill announced that he had sent a letter to Dr. Stanton asking him to secure information for ETSURA members about the prospective Blue Cross/Blue Shield standalone Part D Prescription Drug Plan before November l5, 2006.

Bill also called our attention to a notice in a recent issue of The Kiplinger Tax Letter.  Upper-income seniors face a tax hike in 2007, thanks to a little-noticed provision in the 2003 Medicare prescription drug law. Part B premiums will be means based.  Couples making more that $160,000 a year and singles more than $80,000 will pay a premium surcharge.  See the April 21 issue of the letter for a more complete listing of the surcharges.   

President Herd adjourned the meeting at 4:40 p.m.


 Respectfully submitted,

 R. Chesla Sharp


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