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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

 Board members present: Rosemary Barson, Judith Bragg, Janet Fisher, Bill Fisher, Ethel Garrity, Betty Jane Hylton, Ken Herd, Ted Hughes, Dan Johnson, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Brunhilde Tober-Meyer.

 Staff from the Office of Human Resources:  Crystal Gilland, Diana McClay.

 The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Janet Fisher.

 The minutes of the May 2007 meeting were presented by Ches Sharp and were approved by the Board.

 Committee Reports and Discussion:

             Executive Committee: Janet Fisher, chair.

The Board revisited the question of purchasing a microphone system. Human Resources found a free University microphone lectern, which for $210 could be fitted with a microphone and extension cord.  Ken Herd presented a demonstration of one we could get from Radio Shack for $409.40.  Dan Johnson reported that the manager of Golden Corral told him he could adjust the speaker close to our eat-and-chat meeting room. Janet postponed any vote on the question until after our next eat-and-chat.

Bill Fisher and Diana McClay gave an update on the preparations for the retirement workshops.

Janet announced that 8/24/07 is the content deadline for the September 2007 newsletter.

            Membership Committee:  Ethel Garrity, chair.

Ethel announced that our membership is 351.

             Finance Committee: Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of mid-July, 2007.

 Operating Fund Account                                           $2,026.48

 Life Membership Account                                       $13,818.00

 Scholarship Endowment Investment Account       $108,231.45

 Endowment Interest Income Account                        $4,172.00

 TOTAL ASSETS                                                   $128,247.93

             Program Committee: Ted Hughes, chair.

Ted discussed how the picnic had gone with the Board. He had great praise for the service by the Red Pig.  Our income for the event was $630.  Our expenses were $826.92.  Ted expressed the opinion that we should keep the picnic much as it currently is.  The Board thanked Ted for the work he had done.

Dan Johnson announced that Jeanne Zavada, director of the ETSU and General Shale Natural History Museum and Visitorís Center, will speak at our September eat-and-chat.  She will give a tour of the Museum to those who would like to join her after the eat-and-chat.

 Community Service Committee: Rosemary Barson, spokesperson.

 Rosemary presented to the Board a proposal by April Blakely in which she gives a description of a Habitat for Humanity project to be undertaken by the Campus Ministry Association and ETSU.  Blakely asked that the description be printed in our newsletter as a means of recruiting volunteers. Janet approved putting the description in the newsletter.

Brunhilde Tober-Meyer raised the question of how the University could recognize the service of volunteers.  Janet asked Brunhilde to prepare a formal proposal to present to the Board.

 Liaison Committee:  Bill Fisher, chair.

 Bill informed the Board of state legislation of interest to our membership:    

(1) SB0161/HB200 establishes a process for requesting a security freeze on a consumer report.   This bill has passed both houses.

(2) SB308/HB2063 would create a Department of Aging and Disability.

(3) SB3626/HB3611 would reduce the tax on food.

Bill announced that the Tennessee Higher Education Retirees Association will have its annual meeting Nov. 4-5. He asked for volunteers to attend.   Janet asked Bill to bring up the question of reimbursement of volunteers by the Association at our next meeting.

Diana McClay announced that this was the last meeting that Crystal Gilland would attend.  She is moving to another department. The Board expressed its thanks to Crystal. As secretary, I very much regret Crystalís leaving.  In the two years that we have worked together she has done everything she could to help me. 

Janet Fisher announced three appointments to the nominating committee for the election of new members to the Board:  Judy Bragg, Ethel Garrity, Brunhilde Tober-Meyer.  She asked for comments about a suggestion to place people from the membership on the nominating committee.  She got two responses.  One was that people from the Board might know better the type of person the Board needs.  The second response was that members from outside the Board might know better what the membership wants.  Janet indicated she would consider these responses when she completes the appointments to the committee.

Ted Hughes announced that he had attended a memorial service at the University for Hal Morrison.  Hal joined the University in 1957 as the first golf coach in the schoolís history.         

 Janet adjourned the meeting at 5:12 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

 R. Chesla Sharp


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