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Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Board members present: Rosemary Barson, Judith Bragg, Janet Fisher, Bill Fisher, Ethel Garrity, Ken Herd, Ted Hughes, Dan Johnson, Bill Miller, Ches Sharp, Brunhilde Tober-Meyer.

Staff from the Office of Human Resources:  Diana McClay, Amanda Vance.

Visitors:  Martha Edde-Adams, Carla Warner.

The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Janet Fisher.

Carla Warner, campaign chair, and Martha Edde-Adams, co-chair, described the ETSU 2007 Employee Giving Campaign and asked the Board for its support.  The goal will be $86,000 and the campaign will run from October 10 to November 15.

Ted Hughes, who was keyworker last year, agreed to be keyworker for 2007.

The minutes of the July 2007 meeting were presented by Ches Sharp and were approved by the Board.

Committee Reports and Discussion:

         Executive Committee: Janet Fisher, chair.

The nominating committee announced that it had two people willing to serve on the Board.  The committee discussed its task with the Board.  Issues discussed were the number of names that should be on the ballot and the inclusiveness of the representation.

The question of purchasing of a microphone was postponed.

No board member having objected, Janet announced that the Board would continue selling tickets for the Magical Night of Giving.


        Membership Committee: Ethel Garrity, chair, announced that our membership is 354.


        Finance Committee:  Bill Miller, chair, gave the following figures as of August 27, 2007.

            Operating Fund Account                                         $2,059.47

            Life Membership Account                                       $13,815.00

            Scholarship Endowment Investment Account            $108,353.45

            Endowment Interest Income Account                       $3,272.00

            TOTAL ASSETS                                                       $127,499.92

Bill Miller pointed out that the Endowment Interest Income Account is smaller than in July because withdrawals had been made for the awarding of scholarships for the new semester.

Bill Fisher asked that the question of reimbursement for people attending the meeting of Tennessee Higher Education Retirees Association be postponed to the next meeting. 


          Program Committee: Ted Hughes, chair.

Ted announced the annual meeting will be November 2, Culp Center and that he will take care of the entertainment.

Dan Johnson announced that Gray Museum has an admission charge of five dollars per adult, four dollars for people 65 and older.  This charge will apply to our group on September 18.    


        Communication Committee: Styron Harris, chair.

Janet Fisher announced that topics and schedule for the retirement workshops will go out to faculty shortly.  The information will also be in the retirees’ newsletter. Retirees may attend all workshops, but they are especially invited to the sections in the afternoon and evening of September 18.  The presenters in both sections will be ETSURA members.


        Community Service Committee: Rosemary Barson, spokesperson.

Brunhilde Tober-Meyer gave a report of her study of the use of volunteers at some programs at ETSU, UTK, Northeast State, Milligan, Tusculum, VA Med. Center, JCMCH, Wellmont-Bristol, Salvation Army, The United Way, JC Public Library, CASA and Habitat for Humanity. JCMCH, Wellmont –Bristol and JC Public Library have some form of yearly recognition program.  Gray Fossil Site, JC Public Library and CASA use data on volunteer contribution as an aid in fund raising and accreditation.  Student Service Programs at ETSU do not record volunteer work by individuals because this is too difficult to collect and verify. 

Brunhilde suggested that there are established formulae that allow one to calculate value of volunteers’ time in terms of dollars.  She proposed that contribution in hours should be calculated and acknowledged just as cash contributions are acknowledged.

Bill Fisher complemented Brunhilde on the effort that had gone into the report.

Diana McClay felt that the proposal called for more staff time than most ETSU offices could give.  Janet asked that we discuss the proposal in the next couple of meetings to see if we could find ways to honor volunteers that would not consume so much office time.


        Liaison Committee: Bill Fisher, chair.

Bill informed the Board of state legislation of interest to our membership.  (1) 2007 saw the biggest increase in funds for higher education since 1993. (2) For the 2007-2008 fiscal year, ETSU received new state appropriations totaling $6,645,000. (3)Sales tax on food was reduced from 6 % to 5.5%. (4)Lottery scholarships were raised to $4,000 for four year schools, $2,000 for two year schools. (5) The state legislature has mandated that UT System and Board of Regents develop policies to minimize the cost of textbooks.


Janet adjourned the meeting at 4:51 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



R. Chesla Sharp


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