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Supervisor's Health

Supervisor's Responsibilities

Each supervisor is responsible for providing a working environment free from recognized health and safety hazards. Specific safety responsibilities of supervisors include:

Informing new employees of their health and safety responsibilities, procedures, rules and regulations;
Assuring that required equipment and personal protective devices are provided, maintained, and used;
Taking prompt action when unsafe acts or conditions are reported or noted;
Providing for health and safety training and education on a continuing basis;
Investigating and reporting all on-the-job accidents promptly and requesting medical treatment if necessary;
Investigating and reporting all job-related health or safety problems promptly;
Coordinating or conducting internal inspections to assure safe and healthful working conditions;
Requesting the assistance of the next higher level of supervision regarding budget requests for any health and safety improvements needed; and
Ensuring their employees are made aware of their rights under the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1972. The State of Tennessee Public Employee, Safety and Health Protection on the Job poster is the authorized
means of providing this information. The poster, available from Health and Safety, should be posted in each ETSU department.

Unit Head's Responsibilities

Deans, Directors, Chairs and other heads of academic and administrative units have primary responsibility for:

The health and safety of their staff and students;
Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; and
Obtaining and providing funds needed for health and safety improvements and for making those improvements;
Requirements and responsibilities established by agencies external to the university.

--Excerpted from ETSU's Employee Safety Handbook

For more detailed information, please visit:
Office of Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Program for
Personnel Exposed to Vertebrate Animals

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