If the level of risk embodied within the research is above minimal risk, then by default, it must be reviewed at the level of Full Review. Research in this category may include activities such as the use of vulnerable populations, retrospective chart reviews, case studies for unique indications, and various record reviews where the researcher has access to identifiable information. Submit a completed Form 103 (.doc) bearing the original signatures and indicating full review - REQUEST FOR WAIVER in section 9, a narrative, and any applicable attachments from the list on pages 2-3 of the Form 103 (e.g., if conducting a survey, submit a copy of the survey instrument, advertisements to recruit subjects, testing forms, etc.). Submit 1 (original) packet plus 35 copies. Submit a Curriculum Vitae or other statements of the investigator's qualification to conduct research at this this level. Refer also to Additional Attachments. Submission deadlines apply. Return to IRB Home. Click on the appropriate Board (ETSU IRB for non-medical research or ETSU/VA IRB for medical research) to view the meeting dates and submission deadlines.

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