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What about the McNair Scholars Program at ETSU?

The Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program is named in honor of Ronald E. McNair, an African-American astronaut killed in the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion in 1986.  The program is one of the United States Department of Education's special initiatives known as TRIO that serve and assist disadvantaged students in their educational endeavors.  The goal of the McNair program is to increase the attainment of graduate degrees, particularly Ph.D's by students from underrepresented segments of society such as students who are from low-income or first generation backgrounds or are minority students.

The McNair Program at East Tennessee State University seeks to encourage and facilitate doctoral studies, specifically attainment of the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degree. The program accomplishes this by providing research experiences, enrichment activities, academic and career counseling, and participation in professional conferences. Applicants are welcomed from all majors!

Entry into graduate school requires the applicant to display an aptitude for advanced study.  Your academic performance as an undergraduate is only part of the equation.  Graduate school entry exams (GRE, GMAT, etc.), research and writing experience and clear educational and professional goals are equally important.  The McNair Program will provide opportunities for you to participate in activities that will set you apart from other undergraduate students and enable you to make impressive additions to your resume or vitae.

The McNair Program at ETSU offers two internship opportunities: an academic year internship and a summer internship.

Academic Internships: Internships typically commence in September and conclude the following May.  Applicants for the academic year program must complete a summer internship first.

Summer Internships:  Available to any eligible undergraduate student from any institution: however, preference is given to regional students. Internships typically are 6-8 weeks during the months of June, July, or August.

Applications are accepted year-round for summer internships

Please note: Summer internships are considered "pre-research" preparation. Participants will develop skills during the  summer program that will better prepare them to enter the  research setting during an academic internship. Participating in the summer program does not automatically obligate you to participate in an academic internship. Students do not have to participate in both internships to benefit form the program.


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