Permanent Exhibits

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Basler Exhibit Hall

Wayne G. Basler Exhibit Hall provides visitors a glimpse into the 5 million year old past of East Tennessee. Greeted with a film discussing the unlikely discovery of the Gray Fossil Site by Tennessee Department of Transportation Contractors in May of 2000, visitors will travel back in time, experiencing an ecosystem of an ancient world filled with tapirs, alligators, rhinos, camels, shovel-tusked elephants, saber-toothed cat, and even red pandas!

Filled with interactive exhibits, a dig pit and touch-screen computer games, there is something for people of all ages to enjoy while learning about the prehistoric past of this region.

In a collaborative effort, paleontologists at the Gray Fossil Site worked with world-renowned prehistoric and wildlife illustrator, Karen Carr, to create thousands of square feet of murals and illustrations for games in the exhibit.  Also employed were exhibit design firm, Gallagher and Associates, media specialists, Boston Productions, and exhibit fabricators, ExPlus, all from the D.C. Metro area.

Virtual Exhibitions

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