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Special Topics

Special Topics came up often during the discussions over the course of the project, as questions that needed a more in-depth look.

  1. Organizing, Quantifying Costs, and Documenting Benefits of Mobile Cancer Screening Units in Rural Areas
    How do mobile screening units work in a region with high rates of poverty and limited access?

  2. Organization and Financial Support of Rural Cancer Care Navigation Models
    How is patient navigation funded and managed across Appalachia?

  3. Communication About Cancer Combining Environment and Lifestyle Risk Factors
    How can people communicate effectively about cancer causes and risk factors without tension

  4. Storytelling as a Cancer Communication Methodology
    How is storytelling used throughout the Appalachian region with regard to cancer?

  5. Successful Methods for Engaging Physicians and other Direct Health Care Service Providers in Appalachian Community Cancer Control Activities Why and how do busy direct care providers become involved in cancer control activities?

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Overview which summarizes the topics above.
Articles, Presentations, & Literature

Articles & Presentations: 

These  Articles and Presentations may help to understand how the project’s products and processes fit into the overall picture.



The Literature cited continues to evolve as more work contributes to our understanding of cancer.

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