Faculty Presentations and Publications

Publications 2012-2013

Peer Reviewed Articles

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Commentary/Review/Letters to the Editor

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Presentations 2012-2013


Nehring, W. M., Wexler, T., Hughes, F., & Greenwell, A. (2013, June). "Faculty forward:" Faculty development in high-fidelity simulation in nursing. Paper presented at the HPSN World 2013 Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Weierbach, F.M., & Loury, S.D. (2013, March). Young women's pathways to nursing, circa 1940-1957. Presented at the 2nd Agnes Dillon Randolph International History Conference, Charlottesville, VA.


Armstrong, B. (2012, November). The impact of a palliative care program in a rural Appalachian community hospital: A quality improvement project. Presented at the CAPC National Conference, Miami, FL.

Loury, S. (2012, December). Integrating cultural competency and experiential learning into interdisciplinary education. Presented at the National Rural Health Association: 2012 Rural Multiracial and Multicultural Health Conference, Asheville, NC.

Loury, S. (2012, Sep). Nursing theory: Education to practice in Southern Appalachia, circa 1940-2001. Presented at the American Association for the History of Nursing, Savannah, GA.

Loury, S. (October, 2012). Building a consensus for tomato worker ergonomics: A community-expert panel study. Presented at the 140th Annual APHA Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Powers, L. (2013, April). Adherence to clinical practice guidelines when prescribing atypical antipsychotics. Poster presention at the UTMB EBP Conference, Galveston, TX.

Rayman, K., & Edwards, J.B. (2013, January). Shared resources and strategic innovation between PhD and DNP programs. Presented at the 2013 AACN Doctoral Education Conference, San Diego, CA.

Rice, J. (2012, November). Mental Health Clinicians' Perspectives of Psychiatric Advance Directives. APNA 26th Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Schetzina, K., Seidel, A., Freeman, C., Coulter, M., Colgrove, N., Long, J.,... Pope, H. (2012, October). High school breastfeeding education in Southern Appalachia. Presented at the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition, New Orleans, LA.

Vanhook, P. (2013, February). Twenty Year Evolution of Faculty Practice in Central Appalachia: East Tennessee State University College of Nursing's Story. Poster presentation at the AACN 2013 Faculty Practice Pre-Conference, Orlando, FL.

Veeranki, S.P., Mamudu, H.M., Boghozian, R.K., He, Y., Chen, Y., Kioko, D.M., & Harness, P.R. (2012, October). Assessment of campus smoke-/tobacco-free policies in the United States : A qualitative approach. Presented at the American Public Health Association, San Francisco, CA.

Weierbach, F.M., & Loury, S.D. (2012, September). Nursing theory: Education to practice in Southern Appalachia, circa 1940-2001. Presented at the 29th Annual Conference American Association for the History of Nursing, Savannah, GA.

State and Regional

Cameron, N. G. (2012, June). Course developers and instructional designers: Working together for student success. Presented at the Regents Online Campus Collaborative Summer Academy 2012, Memphis, TN.

Cameron, N. G. (2012, September). Comparative descriptors of online and F2F graduate nursing programs. Presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International Epsilon Sigma Chapter Regional Research Day, Johnson City, TN.

Cameron, N. G. (2012, September). MSN orientation and reference course. Presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International Epsilon Sigma Chapter Regional Research Day, Johnson City, TN.

Diffenderfer, S. (2012, September). Getting started: The first year of professional nursing practice for accelerated second-degree baccalaureate graduate nurses. Presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International Epsilon Sigma Chapter Research Day, ETSU, Johnson City, TN.

Diffenderfer, S. (2012, October). Goaling: The academic experience of accelerated second-degree baccalaureate nursing students. Presented at the Region 8 Conference of the International Nursing Honor Society Sigma Theta Tau, Jackson, TN.

Jenkins, B.A. & Glenn, L.L. (2013, February). Effect of asthma on morbidity in cystic fibrosis. Presentation at the 2013 Tennessee Collegiate Honors Council Conference, Cookeville, TN.

Maphis, L. E., Dalton, W. T., III, Jackson, F., & Ousley, L. (2013, March). Behavioral health consultation in a regional student/university health clinic: Development, reflections, and preliminary results of patient satisfaction. Paper presented at the 2nd Annual Collaborative Conference on Rural Mental Health, Boone, NC.

Silver, K., Miller, J., & Rayman, K. (2012, October). Beryllium: National security, genetic testing and psychosocial issues. Presented at the Tennessee Board of Regents 2012 Qualitative Research Conference, Clarksville, TN.

Vaughn, S., & Miller, F. (2013, May). The group advising classroom: Steering the current of students towards success. Presented at the 2013 NACADA Region 3 Conference, Greenville, South Carolina.

Walls, J., Forster, D., & Nehring. W. (2013, March). Panel discussion on Tennessee legislative agenda and Medicaid expansion. Presentation made to the Tennessee Nurses Association 5th District, Johnson City, TN, (invited panelist).

Weierbach, F. (2012, November). Elder Friendly Rural Communities. Presented at the Rural Health Association of Tennessee Conference, Pigeon Forge, TN.


Diffenderfer, S. (2013, January). Critical thinking for clinicians: Concepts and challenges. Presented at the College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, 2013 Faculty Development Day, ETSU, Johnson City, TN.