TAF Committee

The charge of the Technology Access Fee Advisory Committee is to

  1. Advise the Provost on uses and proposed expenditures from the Technology Fee Committee.
  2. Solicit advice from campus constituencies.
  3. Report, as appropriate, its assessment of the effectiveness of the expenditures in enhancing the availability of technologies to students.

TAF Committee Members:

Dr. Joe Sherlin, (Vice Provost-Stud Affairs/Dean) - Co-Chair
Ms. Myra Jones ( Director, Academic Technology Support)
Dr.  Bonnie Burchett (Associate Director, Student Housing)
Ms. Linda Gibson (Director, Disability Services)
Dr.  Doug Burgess (Faculty Senate)
Ms. Kathy Smith (Staff Rep.)
Ms. Sheryl Burnett (Office of the Registrar)
Dr.  David Linville (College of Medicine)
Mr. Allison DePollo (Library Administration)
Mr. Timothy Ferguson (Office of Information Technology) -ex-officio
Ms. Stacy Onks (Advisement)
Dr.  Sursech Ponnappa (College of Medicine) -ex-officio
Ms. Jane Broderick (College of Education)
Ms. Myra Jones (Academic Technology)
Mr. Robert Nelson (Distant Education) - ex-officio


Student Members:

Zachary Tuggle (SGA President)

Alex Cassell (SGA Vice President)

Morgan Southers (SGA Secretary/Treasurer)


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