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Configure your computer

You must first confirm whether your machine is equipped with an Ethernet adapter. If you have difficulty completing any of these tasks, consider asking for help from a friend or neighbor who configured their machine successfully. You may also contact a local vendor for help.

Networking your PC in the Residence Halls

Your PC networking software configuration must be compatible with ETSUs network. In addition, your PC will need additional hardware – a network interface card and a patch cable.

Your networking jack is located on the same faceplate as your telephone jack.

A network interface card is not a modem. (A modem uses telephone lines for communication and is much slower.) A network interface card uses technology that enables you to connect directly to the ETSU network.

Note: These pages are graphic intensive. It may take a long time for them to download.

Directions for the Macintosh OS
Directions for Windows XP
Directions for Windows Vista

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