Technical Resources

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Student Help Desk is your best resource for most technical problems. You can call, email, or stop in to see them on the first floor of the Culp Center. Phone: 423.439.5648  Email:

D2L Help
You can find answers to many of your D2L how-to questions on this website: If you are still having trouble finding what you need, contact the Student Help Desk.

Problems Viewing Course Videos
This website lists some possible solutions for problems you might encounter when viewing streaming videos through your online course site. You can also contact the with your questions. The more information you can provide about what is occurring on your computer the easier it will be to help with your problem.

Your Goldmail account is your official ETSU email address. university policy states that you must use this address as your official point of contact. You are responsible for the messages sent here. Your email address is and you can access your messages by going to . Contact the Student Help Desk if you need any help with your password (it can be different from your ETSU password.)

Microsoft Office Free Viewers
Some instructors may post Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents. Even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer you can still view these documents by installing one of the open source products or by installing the free Office Viewers.

PowerPoint Viewer -
Word Viewer -
Excel Viewer -

Password Reset
Your ETSU password expires every 90 days. You can select the Password Reset link located beneath the D2L login fields or access the page directly at: The Student Help Desk can assist you if you are having trouble resetting the password or have been locked out of your account.

Minimum System Requirements

D2L version 10.3 system requirements

WebEx system requirements


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