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2004 April 26 - Good news, the online registration form has been fixed, although do note that the form is not secure, and so fax may still be the preferred form of registration. - The LOC.

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SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Please use the format provided at this link for the submission of abstracts (mail to

UPDATE ON HOTEL ROOMS: We are encouraging all participants to book accommodation at the Carnegie Hotel. There are no other hotels within walking distance to the Carnegie, which is where meetings will be held. Room prices will be $110 + tax. The majority of rooms have two beds. If any participants are interested in splitting a room with another workshop participant, the LOC is willing to provide a 'random' matching of names. Of course, participants can make their own arrangements to split a room with someone else they know will be attending. But, for those who are willing to be placed in a name-matching pool, please send an email to '' with the following information:


The LOC will match names and contact individuals with the email for their roomie.

A NOTE FOR NON-U.S. PARTICIPANTS: If you are not a US citizen, and you are not currently a resident in the US, you may need to inquire about visas well in advance of the meeting date to ensure entry into the US for the time of the workshop.



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East Tennessee State University


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Physics, Astronomy, and Geology Department


Tri-Cities Regional Airport

(Regarding travel to and from the airport: The Carnegie Hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to the airport; however, you must arrange your pick-up and drop-off dates/times ahead of your actual travel. For example, there is no direct line to the hotel at the airport from which to request that a shuttle be sent out.)


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Johnson City, TN


Roan Mountain






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