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Here are the files that each author will need to download in order to prepare their papers for the Conference Proceedings to be published by Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (ASPCS). Your Registration Fee entitles you to a copy of this proceedings which will be directly mailed to you by ASPCS once the book is published.

This proceedings book will use the LaTeX2e mark-up language. Each of you will need to download and edit the file called asptemplate.tex. Before you do anything else, rename this file as "last_name_first_initial_N".tex, where "N" is to be used only if you are first author on more than one paper. For instance, if I was submitting only one paper, the name of my file would be


and if I was submitting two papers, my files would be named

smithb2.tex .

ASPCS requires that all papers have a PUBLICATION AGREEMENT AND COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT form filled out and signed. Please download either the PDF (.pdf) version of the form or the Microsoft Word (.doc) version of the form. Bring the completed (and signed) form with you to the meeting where it will be collected at the registration desk.

Should your manuscript contain figures, they must be in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. We will allow a limited number of color figures in the proceedings book. If you would like to include a color figure, please submit both a black and white version and a color version of your figure. The editors will select which figure to use in the published paper. The filenames of your figures should be of the form "last_name_first_initial_N_f_P".eps, where the "P" marker represents the numeric value of the figure in your manuscript and the "N" marker is described above. For instance, in the filename examples above, let's say the first paper has 3 figures, then their filenames would be


and let's say that the last two papers had a single figure and 2 figures respectively. Then the filenames for these figures would be

smithb2f2.eps .

If you are submitting both color and black+white figures, the filenames should be


If you submit both a color and a black and white version of a figure, please provide two captions. Please be very conservative as far as submitting color figures, as our funds are limited, and we will only be able to publish a few color figures.

NOTE: The figures and tables should be embedded in the text of the paper, not after the references or within the references.

If you are unfamiliar with LaTeX, useful information about using LaTeX and installing LaTeX is given in the aspauthor2006.pdf file. In order to compile your LaTeX code, you also will need to download asp2006.sty. Note that due to various security issues on Microsoft machines, this style file is stored on this web site as "asp2006.tex", make sure to rename this file to asp2006.sty once you download it and make sure it is in the same directory as your "last_name_first_initial_N".tex file (this is true of all the LaTeX "style" files on this web site -- this web page lists these files with a file suffix of ".sty" but the actual file is stored with a ".tex" file suffix).

The maximum number of printed pages you are allowed is given in the following table.

Maximum Typeset Page Limits
Presentation Type Number of Pages
Keynote Talk 8
Contributed Talk 6
Poster 4
Meeting Summary 8
NOTE: It is fine to pack up your figures, tables, and the manuscript into a single tarred gzip file if you prefer.

The authors MUST submit their final manuscript LaTeX files (and associated figure EPS files) by Friday August 21, 2009. However if at all possible, we would appreciate getting these files as soon as possible, preferably by Friday August 7, 2009. Your LaTeX and EPS files should be sent as email attachments to by the date(s) listed above.

In preparing your paper, please pay particular attention to the directions on how to create the reference section using the \bibitem command. The reference section starts with the following command:


The format for each listing is:

\bibitem[Smith, Price, \& Moffett(2006)]{smith06}
Smith, B. J., Price, S. D., \& Moffett, A. J. 2006, AJ, 131, 612

The term in the curly brackets {} is a code word referring to your paper. The quantity in the square brackets [] will appear in the text in place of the code word, and the information in the second line will appear in the references. Note that there is no space before the date inside the square brackets, i.e., there is no space before "(2006)" in "Moffett(2006)". This is important, as the latex script will fail if a space is included here.

To call the reference from the text of the paper, use either \citep{smith06}, \citet{smith06}, or \citealp{smith06}, depending upon whether you want parentheses before the first name in the list, or just around the date, or no parentheses.

The reference section ends with:


Please do not include style files from other journals in your submissions.

The following table has a list of files that are either required (see "Importance" column) in order for you to LaTeX your manuscript or is an optional file which may assist in your Conference Proceedings document preparation as described in the aspauthor2006.pdf file. Click on the name of the file to download it.

Note that if you plan on using figures that are published elsewhere, you will need to get permission from that publisher -- download the permission.pdf file and submit it to the publisher in question (and do this ASAP). You do not need to fill out this form if the figure came from one of your own published papers.

Proceeding Files and Documents of Interest
File/Doc Importance Description
aspauthor2006.pdf Optional ASPCS LaTeX2e Instructions
asptemplate.tex Required Manuscript LaTeX2e File
asp2006.sty Required ASPCS LaTeX2e Style File (rename to "asp2006.sty")
Optional Author Checklist (PDF version)
Author Checklist (MS Word version)
Required Copyright Form (PDF version)
Copyright Form (MS Word version)
epsf.sty Required Encapsulate PS Fig. Style File (rename to "epsf.sty")
lscape.sty Optional Landscape Tables Style File (rename to "lscape.sty")
marginguide.pdf Optional Template Sheet Showing ASPCS Margins
(for some papers)
Copyright Figure Permission Form (PDF version)
Copyright Figure Permission Form (MS Word version)
psfig.sty Optional Normal PS Fig. Style File (rename to "psfig.sty")
usinggraphicx.pdf Optional Using the LaTeX Graphics Package

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