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Welcome to Procurement and Contract Services!

 We provide the following services in Procurement and Contract Services:

Our Vision -- through excellence in quality of services and teamwork, the Procurement and Contract Services Department aspires to provide premier services for the learning community of East Tennessee State University.

Our Function is to organize and administer procurement for the University in accordance with responsibility and authority delegated by the University's President and Tennessee Board of Regents.


Purchasing with Federal Grant Funds: Information regarding the Uniform Guidance for procurement standards for purchases made with federal grant funds can found in this PowerPoint. The standards become effective July 1, 2017.



PROCARD RECORD REVIEW AND APPROVAL - Each month, the supervisor or PI for the chart/index on the Procard is to review all charges and approve the monthly summary Procard statement. This approval indicates that charges are appropriate and necessary.




Contact us at :

Procurement and Contract Services

1276 Gilbreath Dr.
PO Box 70729
Johnson City, TN 37614
Tel: 423-439-4224
Fax: 423-439-5746

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