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Degree Works is an academic advising and degree audit tool that helps Advisors and students track their degree progress in real-time! 

Fully integrated with GoldLink, Degree Works gives students an up-to-date, play-by-play of courses taken and courses needed to help them plan and complete their degree(s) on time!

"What If..." scenarios, allow students to experiment with changing majors or degree plans.   

Student Benefits:  
  • Provides real-time degree audit, history and information
  • Allows for improved course and degree planning
  • Provides planning scenarios if you change majors, concentrations or plans
  • Improves Advisor communication for courses and requirements

Advisor Benefits:
  • Real time delivery of student curriculum and coursework information
  • Allows Advisors to initiate students searches by degree, school and /or major and provide immediate degree progress information
  • Online environment reduces paper and manual checklist
  • Improves student to Advisor communication
  • Provides the student with immediate coursework information to aid in class planning

  • "What - If" analysis - Thinking of changing your Major or concentration?  Try a "what if" analysis to help you decide
  • Advisor notes - enables Advisors to quickly and easily place notes for the student and the advise given
  • Look ahead - dynamically shows how degree progress is affected by future planned courses
  • GPA calculator - See how final grades may affect the overall GPA
  • Still Need Courses- Hyperlinks that tells info about the course, proficiency intensives etc.   



Degree Now, Not Later!


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Degree Works does not replace the requirement to meet with your advisor!

 Requirements are based on 2011-12 and future catalogs. 

Students on catalogs prior to 2011-12 may use the What-If function in Degree Works to view an audit  based on the 2012-13 catalog.

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