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ORSPA Annual  Reports

Each year's Annual Report consists of 5 sections of representational data: 

     Section 1 shows a 15-year history of awards to ETSU; 

      Section 2 shows a breakdown by department  of the single fiscal year's requested and awarded funding; 

     Section 3 is both tabular and graphic information showing requests by agency type (federal, state, foundation, etc.) and project type (research, training, public service, clinical trials); 

     Section 4 is the same as Section 3 for awards

     Section 5 is a text-based report showing each individual's name, project title and award amount for the fiscal year.

Prior year's stats can be obtained by contacting ORSPA directly.


ETSU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

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ph: (423)439-6000 fax: (423)439-6050


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