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Mary Maupin
Facility Maintenance

Bond Bldg., Physical Plant, Box 70653
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Mary Maupin has been a member of the ETSU family for a total of 11 years.  She had a short break in service for two years, but decided to return to the university to take advantage of the many benefits offered.  Mary also missed the interaction with her co-workers.  Being very much a “people person,” Mary loves working daytime hours and enjoys the flexibility that her job affords.  Mary has been entrusted with maintaining property for most of her career. 

Mary is serving her first elected term on the Senate.  She hopes to be able to bring concerns of the staff to the forefront in an effort to offer peace of mind to staff members and plans to accomplish this by her involvement through the Committee on Staff Concerns.  She is also an active member of the Blood Drive Committee. 

Mary enjoys spending time with her family.  She has two children – Jonathan and Julie.  Julie is currently enrolled at ETSU as a Business Major.  In addition, Mary has three grandchildren:  Jay, four-years old; Brian, nine-months; and Desiree, two-years old.

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