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Division I: Undergraduate students

All of the Division I awards are sponsored by the Philip D. Cooper Memorial Research Trust Fund, Inc.  Dr. Cooper was an ETSU professor in the Department of Marketing and Management,  a dedicated educator, an active researcher, and a pioneer in the area of healthcare marketing.   To learn more about Dr. Cooper read Tribute to a Marketing Scholar published in the Journal of Services Marketing.

Arts & Humanities;  Social & Behavioral Sciences

            1 st place:    Katherine Smith, Dept. Psychology                                                         

            2 nd place:   Stephanie Grissom, Dept. Economics, Finance and Urban Studies                                                           

Natural Sciences & Mathematics          

            1 st place:    Holly Gragg and Sarah Patton, Carson Newman University, Dept. Mathematics                                                     

            2 nd place:    Neem Bhatt, Dept. Biological Sciences                                                      

Biomedical Sciences                             

            1 st place:     Jessica Vencill, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                             

            2 nd place:    S. Matthew Fitzgerald, Dept. Internal Medicine                                                  

Division I: Undergraduate students: Kara Kuntz Award for the best presentation in the Arts and Humanities:

Patrick Fessenbecker, Department of English

Division II: Graduate Students (1-2 years)

Arts & Humanities;   Social & Behavioral Sciences                

            1 st place:        Marla Perna, Dept. Psychology                                                  

            2 nd place:       Kelley Lewis, Dept. Communicative Disorders                                                                                                         

 Natural Sciences & Mathematics                      

            1 st place tie:   Tapasree Roy Sarkar, Dept. Biological Sciences  and Christy Strong, Dept. Biological Sciences                                                  

            2 nd place:                                                                

 Biomedical Sciences                             

            1 st place:        An Xuong "Mike" Tran, Microbiology                                                         

            2 nd place:       Yiyong Liu, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                        

Division III: Graduate Students (2+ years)

Arts & Humanities

            1 st place:                                                         

            2 nd place:                                                               

Natural Sciences & Mathematics ;  Social & Behavioral Sciences

            1 st place:     Stephanie Thacker, Dept. Psychology                                                        

            2 nd place:     Andrea Danielle Rose, Dept. Communicative Disorders                                                            

Biomedical Sciences

            1 st place:      Douglas Corrigan, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                        

            2 nd place:      Cerrone Foster, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                          

Division IV: Medical Students

            1 st place:       Matthew Standridge                                                      

            2 nd place:      Shannon Pitts, Dept. Internal Medicine                                                        

  Division V: Residents/ Post-doctoral Fellows

            1 st place:      Dr. Denise Milhorn, Dept. Microbiology                                                        

            2 nd place:     Dr. Annette Rau, Dept. Microbiology                                                           

  Division VI: Case History

            1 st place:     Dr. Vipul Brahmbhatt,  Cardiology                                                         

            2 nd place:    Dr. Said Iskandar, Internal Medicine                                                           

Oral Presentations    

            1 st place:     Dr. Mustafa Saad, Internal Medicine                                                         

            2 nd place:    Dr. Panous Kougias, Surgery                                          

Student Choice Awards

Division I : Undergraduate Students:    Sarah Collier, Dept. Pharmacology                                                                       

Division II : Graduate Students (1-2 years):   Deidra Mountain, Dept. Physiology                                                              

Division III: Graduate Students (2+ years):   Brent Lockhart, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                                                   

Division IV: Medical Students:   Matthew Standridge                                                                    

Division V: Residents/Post-doctoral Fellows:   Dr. Annette Rau, Department of Microbiology                                                                       

Division VI: Case History:   Dr. Ahmad Halawa, Department of Internal Medicine 
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