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Want to become acquainted to ETSU and make your transition smooth? We have just what you need.... The ETSU Transfer Guide! We hope it will make your journey easier from start to finish. This guide is your road map to find useful information and to guide you through the transfer process and introduce you to the campus and the ETSU community!

Applying for admission to ETSU
Several times a year various faculty and staff make trips to community colleges in our immediate area to assist potential ETSU students in the transfer process. We find it particularly helpful to contact transfer students before they begin the admissions process. Therefore, you can find out more on how to transfer to ETSU and apply online by contacting the Undergraduate Admissions Office or the Graduate Studies Office.
Looking for a place to live?
Through various conversations with transfer students, we've discovered a number of non-academic items that worry them. One of those can be your housing arrangement. ETSU offers on-campus housing, which can allow you to have a roommate, family living quarters, or even a solo living space. The department can provide you with information about on-campus housing. For those wishing to live off-campus, the ACTS office maintains an up-to-date information listing on local rental properties.
Transferring Your Courses
The Office of Transfer Articulation is another office that is of service to transfer students.  If you are following an Articulation Agreement, Tennessee Transfer Pathway or are in a Dual Admissions Program, you will take your first two years of classes at select community colleges, earning an Associate's degree and then transfer to ETSU. Your courses should easily transfer to ETSU into your General Education Core, Major or Minor, and or Degree requirements. Please feel free to contact the Office of Transfer Articulation or by phone at (423) 439-4723.  If you are not following and Articulation Agreement, Tennessee Transfer Pathway or are not in a Dual Admissions Program, click on the button "transfer equivalencies" to find a list of courses that will transfer from your institution to ETSU. You can also log into Transfer Works to see how academic credits from other institutions can help you earn a degree at ETSU. 
Have Children, Need Childcare?
There are options for transfer students who have a family made up of small children. ETSU has Child Care Services that accommodate those mothers or fathers with daycare issues at a reasonable price. The location of the center for daycare (or evening in some cases) is on campus with highly qualified staff.  There are additional childcare facilities in the area. ACTS maintains a resources web page to direct you to some of these services.
Disability Services
You will find a department full of kind, generous people waiting to help you adjust to the ETSU campus. Disability Services offers qualifying students a variety of accommodations and assistance. Their mission is to provide services and promote an accessible environment which allows people with disabilities an equal opportunity for participation in educational pursuits and other campus activities.
Counseling Center
Feeling a little overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to?  ETSU Counseling Center is the place to go. They promote mental health, personal growth and positive relationships by providing an array of mental health, career, educational, and consultative services.
Student Health
No matter where you are in life, sickness will be able to find you. Thankfully, ETSU has the Student Health Clinic specifically for those attending here. They also offer immunizations against potential diseases, opportunities to learn about health-related issues.  For those of you who may need insurance, the student health clinic can also provide you with information about Student Health Insurance Coverage.
Get Involved

If you are looking to get involved, whether in the form of physical activity or student organizations, we have places especially designed to point you in the right direction.

The Basler Center for Physical Activity (CPA) will offer you everything from free weights to instructed courses in aqua-aerobics.

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC- pronounced "source") offers students a wide variety of organizations to allow you to get acquainted with fellow students and potential friends.

Multi-Cultural Affairs will help you transition yourself into ETSU if you are joining us from another culture. 

Academic/Career Help
Finally, we have the Advisement Resources Career Center (ARC) full of different offices with a wealth of knowledge. The variety of people located here can help you get on the path to a career through different personality tests or they can help you find an internship in your field of study. There are those who can lead you from a confusing undeclared to a determined major of study. If you are struggling in your classes and may need extra help, the Center for Academic Achievement (CFAA) is the place for you.  The CFAA offers tutoring in many ETSU classes. In addition Student Support Services (SSS), a federally funded TRiO program, offers free tutoring as well as other types of academic support to students who qualify for the program.
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