Dangerous Students

The behavior of the dangerous student threatens the health and well-being of those around him/her. Behaviors which may be considered dangerous to self or others include the following:
  • Expressed suicidal thoughts, threats, or the making of suicidal gestures.
  • Self-mutilating behaviors, including cutting or burning of the self.
  • Threats to others.
  • Carrying or brandishing a weapon.
  • Intimidating behaviors, including inappropriate touching and/or standing to close to others, harassment or stalking.

Tips for dealing with the dangerous student

  • Contact ETSU Public Safety by calling 911 from a campus phone or 439-6900 from your cell phone.
  • Do not delay by calling The Counseling Center for assistance. Your first call should be to ETSU Public Safety.
  • Avoid escalating the situation; speak calmly and with concern. Avoid physical contact.
  • If the student poses an immediate danger to others, you may choose to dismiss the class while waiting for police intervention.
  • Use good judgment to protect your safety and the safety of others. Do not attempt to keep the perpetrator from leaving the classroom.
  • Document the incident including any witnesses that were present.