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The first step in creating your career plans is to know yourself. Choosing a career is not just about finding a job, but finding a field in which you are comfortable. This involves an area in which you are using your best personality traits and skills while fulfilling your values and interests.

Career Exploration Center resources that may be helpful to you in this step include:


  • This computer program includes inventories that are designed to help you identify your occupational values, interests, and skills. It also includes information on many careers and academic majors.

  • The Sigi3 program can be accessed through scheduling an appointment with our office where a staff member will be present to guide you through the program.

  • There is also an online version of this program which allows students to take the assessment on their own after which they have the option of following up with someone in our office.

Career Counseling

  • All currently enrolled ETSU students are eligible for free career counseling. This process involves a series of appointments in which the student would be able to engage in self-exploration as well as career exploration with the guidance of one of our trained staff members. Typically, this process involves the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, and a Values Inventory to help define the unique needs of the student.

The next step in career planning involves gaining information about various occupations. Many of the resources in the Career Exploration Center allow students to research careers that they have identified as potential matches. Students may choose to investigate careers suggested by our various assessments as well as explore career options they may already be considering.

Some of the resources available in the Career Exploration Center, which may be useful, include:


  • This program includes a database of over 400 careers. A profile is provided for each career that students may use to determine if the career is a good fit for them.

Career Exploration Center Library

  • The Career Exploration Center has a library of books pertaining to many different career fields that students can use to learn more about occupational fields.

Career Websites

  • The Career Exploration Center has a list of websites that students may use to locate reliable and accurate occupational information. To access these websites, click here.

If you are hoping to assist your student in the career development process, we recommend discussing this information with him/her. Afterwards you may encourage your student to contact us for more information or to set-up an appointment.


Career Exploration Center Staff:

Coordinator: Diana Kuehl
Graduate Assistants: Erin Meulenberg and Michael Morun


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