RA Job Description

RAs work with other students in the same day-to-day living situations to create a living-learning community while preserving the legal, moral, and ethical standards of the University and supporting communities. RAs report directly to a Resident Director (RD) and/or Assistant Resident Director (ARD), and assist with the total operations of a residence hall or apartment facility, which may be coed and/or multiple buildings. The RA position provides excellent opportunities for practical experiences, especially in the areas of business, sociology, psychology, education, political science and guidance. It is a part-time, live-in position with appointment on a semester basis.

RAs must balance their personal activities and academic schedule to allow sufficient time for the job. Specific responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

  • Attend staff orientation and workshops prior to beginning of the semester and throughout the year.
  • Assist in opening and closing of hall/apartments each semester. 
  • Establish and maintain interpersonal relations with a diverse population of residents; encourage interaction with the community and campus.
  • Keep residents informed of campus events, services, programs, activities, etc.
  • Serve as a public relations person for campus living, the Housing Department, and University.
  • Work with residents as individuals and in groups to advise, refer, and counsel in academic, social, and personal matters; handle problems; take suggestions and recommendations; mediate conflicts; etc.
  • Encourage, assist and participate in residence hall/apartment functions; develop social activities and educational programs.
  • Provide evening and weekend on-duty coverage scheduled by the RD/ARD.
  • Maintain key and access card control and security.
  • Inspect hall floors and rooms for damages, including all public areas such as basement, laundry, storage, stairwells, etc.
  • Abide by and enforce Housing and University policies fairly and consistently.
  • Document and prepare reports/logs concerning any actions, events, problems or disciplinary incidents.
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