Q - How do I submit a request for facilities help? 

A - Email any facilities needs to .  Most calls are responded to within 24 hours if requested Monday – Thursday.  If you have an emergency, please call 423-439-7900 and your residence hall on-call staff.

Q - What do custodians clean? 

A – Custodial staff cleans all public areas of the building, including lobbies, community bathrooms, hallways, stairways.  Staff do not clean private living areas.

Q - What happens if I have a facilities emergency? 

A - Please call 423-439-7900 in addition to your on-call residence hall staff.  There is emergency facility staff available at all hours.

Q - Do custodians clean in rooms? 

A – Custodial staff cleans rooms when they are empty in anticipation of a new student’s arrival.  Once a room is occupied, cleaning is the student’s responsibility.

Q - My roommate moved out. Will custodial come and clean their half of the room? 

A - At Buccaneer Ridge Apartments and Centennial Hall, Housing Custodial will clean the common areas and the vacant bedroom and bath only.  In other areas, custodial will not clean the shared areas.