The Student Community Organization of Business Education (SCOOBE) Living-Learning Community is focused on the development of students' knowledge in multiple facets of related disciplines offered through the College of Business and Technology. The SCOOBE promotes an extracurricular program that supplements the traditional collegiate curriculum by offering a range of opportunities that allows for increased awareness and understanding of the business environment. Activities in the Living-Learning Community include guest lectures, social gatherings, study groups, as well as the opportunity to meet new friends and live in an environment where students share common business-related career interests. This community is open to all undergraduate students interested in exploring ideas in business.

The SCOOBE Living-Learning Community is a partnership of the College of Business and Technology and the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Community Requirements:

  • Open to all interested undergraduate students.
  • Must be willing to participate in regular programming and events, including community meetings and social activities.
  • Reside within one of the spaces designated for the living-learning community; your assignment will be provided by the
    Department of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Complete a community application and receive formal acceptance.
  • Enrolled in the designated section of ETSU 1020: Foundations of Student Success for the Fall term.

Contact Adrianna Guram, Assistant Director of Academic Initiatives, at   with questions.

Here is an additional link to the College of Business and Technology.

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