Student Organization Resource Center

What is the SORC?

Pronounced "SOURCE", this unit in the Division of Student Affairs is just that . . .

a source for all your student involvement needs!

  • Interested in joining a club?
  • Looking to form a new organization?
  • Need help recruiting members or promoting an organization event?


The SORC is housed in three "suites" on the first level of the D. P. Culp University Center.

  • Suite A:   Bottom Level Culp Center, Library Side

Suite A has many student organization offices along with supplies and equipment for registered student groups.

  • Suite B: Bottom Level Culp Center, Auditorium Side

Suite B houses Fraternity & Sorority Life. 

  • Suite C: Lower Level Culp Center, Near the Cave Ramp

Suite C is home to the Student Government Association and a wide variety of Community Service Programs.  

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