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5 A's Intervention

The 5 A's Intervention was developed by the U.S. Public Health Service and is a best-practice guideline supported by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the National Cancer Institute.  TIPS will provide free training at your practice, and just for participating, you can receive 2.5 CME credits.  The intervention is designed to take about 5-15 minutes and should be implemented with EVERY patient who is smoking or who has recently quit. Also, remember you should provide information about the dangers of secondhand smoke to anyone who is being exposed.  The 5 A's are:

ASK   about current smoking status

ADVISE   to quit and provide information on how beneficial quitting is

ASSESS   willingness to quit

ASSIST   with finding resources and making a plan to quit

ARRANGE for follow-ups to help the patient follow through and QUIT for good!

Below are additional resources for use with your patients:

Intervention Materials:

5 A's Checklist

5 A's Guide

5 A's Documentation Report

TIPS Documentation Requirements

Smoking Cessation by Gestational Age

Patient Handouts:

TIPS Quit Contract

Tobacco Quit Pad

Step-by-Step guide for Pregnant Women: Finding New Strength for You and Your Baby: TIPS for Becoming Smoke-Free

Articles for Providers:

Clinican Quick Reference Guide : Treating Tobacco Use & Dependence

Best Practice Interventions for Smoking

How to Help Your Patients Quit

Pharmacotherapies During Pregnancy

5 A's Smoking Cessation Intervention for Primary Care

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