Course Description

The following are descriptions of the Learning Support courses. Successful completion  will meet the Learning Support competency requirements in each of the designated areas.

ENGL1010 - Lsections - Learning Support in Writing

Emphasis on paragraph and sentence-level writing, generation and organization of ideas, and recognized conventions of mechanics and usage.  

MATH1530 - Lsections - Learning Support in Mathematics

Real number sense of operations; operations with algebraic expressions; analyzing graphs; solving linear equations and proporations; modeling and critical thinking. Exact topics will be determined by the student's diangostic test score (diagnostic test to be administered at the first class meeting).

LS Reading

The Learning Support reading courses are completed within enhanced general education courses (SOCI1020 - Lsections and SPCH1300 - Lsections) and must be taken together. These enhanced courses focus on reading comprehension skills.


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