About CoursEval

The CoursEval online student assessment of instruction service is operated by ConnectEDU, which is based in Boston, MA.  The corporation is committed to developing innovative technology that empowers 21st century learners -- from K-12 to adults.

Since 1996, CoursEval (CE) has assisted institutions of higher education -- including the ETSU Gatton College of Pharmacy -- with student feedback surveys.  Anonymity, confidentiality, security, and data integrity are primary concerns.  CE has never compromised or corrupted data because of a hosting or hacking incident.  In addition to student assessment of instruction, CoursEval offers a range of general-purpose survey features to accommodate the special requirements of higher education.

Schools Using CoursEval

CoursEval Anonymity

CoursEval Security & Policies


CoursEval for Academic Administrators

Log in to your CoursEval portal using your ETSU username and password.

  • If you taught a recent course, you will see the My Reports page, where you can view results of SAIs for your courses.
  • Because you are an academic administrator you will also see the Administrator Reports page.
  • You can switch between My Reports and Administrator Reports using the buttons on the left side of the screen or the menu options in the upper right-hand corner.

The Administrator Reports page displays each academic department for which you have administrative responsibility.

  • This page provides information on the total number of expected responses for each SAI survey in the department(s) and the number received. You will see survey response rate data only for recent courses.
  • You can expand a department to view SAI reports for individual instructors. The icon for this feature is accessible in the left-sidebar.
  • The Survey Intelligence tool allows you to create and download customized data reports, including summative and longitudinal reports (see Reference Guide).
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