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Located on the first floor of the Sherrod Library, the Center for Academic Achievement (CFAA) is the home of Learning Services (Tutoring), Testing Services, and the Office of Assessment. The mission of the CFAA is to present students with opportunities to learn and demonstrate their learning in a secure and supportive environment that encourages creative thinking, collaborative learning, and self-direction.

The CFAA is the place for students to go for help with:

  • writing and speaking
  • mathematics
  • natural sciences
  • general education courses
  • and many other subjects

Learning Services in the CFAA offers tutoring on a walk-in and appointment basis and is open evenings and Sundays. In addition to scheduling an appointment with a CFAA tutor, students can work on homework in the Center and attend Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for certain subjects.

The CFAA also supports faculty in classroom, curricular and programmatic evaluation and offers tools and assistance in improving classroom teaching and student learning.

In addition, CFAA Testing Services proctors online exams for ETSU courses and some national tests. Instructors can create their tests in D2L and then arrange with the Testing staff for their tests to be administered in the Center for students to take over the course of a day or days. The Senior Exit Exam (CCTST) and other assessments are also proctored in Testing Services.

CFAA staff members are happy to help students get answers to non-academic, college-related questions. 

An Einstein's Bagels shop and a student lounge are located directly adjacent to the Center.

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