ETSU 1000

Welcome to the ETSU 1000 website!

ETSU 1000:University Seminar is a zero credit, Pass/Fail, elective course designed to help students gain insights that will help them in their journey from orientation through graduation. (If you enroll in ETSU 1000 (which has a fee of $100), pass the course, and return to ETSU the following fall, the amount of the fee is credited to your account!

We offer a small class environment so you can get to know the other students in your class and so the instructor can help you if you need more individual attention.

So, what do we cover in ETSU 1000? Although each instructor has his/her own favorite things to do, all sections will cover things like making the transition from high school to college, university resources, time management, communicating with professors, goal setting, getting involved on campus.

ETSU is a great place to be and we’re glad you chose to attend ETSU for your college experience!

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