General Education


to the web site of ETSU's general education program! There's something here for everyone:

  • Students and parents can read ETSU's requirements, learn about the benefits of general education and find out how to get person-to-person answers to questions.

  • Faculty will find resources for developing and teaching general education courses and advising students about general education requirements.


In December 2010, ETSU revised the rules governing reduced requirements for proficiency-intensive courses. Under the revised rules, the following categories of students are required to take one oral communication-intensive course, one information technology-intensive course and two writing-intensive courses:

  1. students with associate degrees or who complete such degrees after entering ETSU;
  2. students with 50 or more transferable semester credits upon entering ETSU;
  3. readmission students who earned at least 50 semester credits at ETSU before 1995;
  4. readmission students with at least 50 transferable semester credits upon first re-entry to ETSU; and
  5. readmission students who have at least 50 semester credits in categories C and D combined upon first re-entry to ETSU.

A Master Table of Proficiency-Intensive Courses is now available. Check the history of any oral communication-intensive, information technology-intensive or writing-intensive course at ETSU.

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