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World History 1 credit: The world from the Age of Absolutism through the Twenty-first Century will be studied. The global development of man is followed through the major historical eras. Special emphasis will be placed on the unique cultures found throughout the world. World History is a required course.

Current Topic - Age of Imperialism

Textbook Website Link - Click Here (See Ms. Campbell for username and password)

Students are responsible for all journal questions and are required to make them up when absent.

11/17 - Imperialism Quiz

11/30 - Imperialism Test (Chapter 12 and 13.1)

1st Quarter Unit 1
Unit 2 - Enlightenment
Unit 3 - French Revolution, Napoleon, and Congress of Vienna

2nd Quarter

Unit 4 - Revolution, Nationalism, and Unification

10/10 - Why do people rebel?

  • Reading and graphic organizer on the causes of Latin American Revolutions

10/11 - Latin American Independence Movements

  • Readings and Group Country Analysis

10/12 - Finish Independence groups, Journal Questions, Bolivar's Jamaica Letter, Kahoot

10/13 - Nationalism

  • Latin American Revolutions Quiz
  • Notes

10/16 - Nationalism Questions (Graded), Unification Case Study Group Activity

  • HW - Read and annotate Garibaldi Speech (students were given class time to get started)

10/17 - Italian Unification Journal Questions

10/18 - German Unification


10/20 - Test Review

 Unit 5 - industrial Revolution

 10/23 - Unit 4 Test

10/24 - Review Test, Changes in Agriculture Handout, Before and After Industrialization Discussion

10/25 - Why Great Britain? Stations - see Ms. Campbell

10/26 - Industrial Inventions Investor Activity (Here are the readings if you are absent)

10/27 - The Urban Game Simulation

10/30 - Quiz, finish Urban Game and Reflection

10/31 - Child Labor Lab Activity

11/1 - No School!

11/2 - Working Conditions

11/3 - Changes to Society and Reforms

  • Brief PPT
  • Reform Documents and DBQ (see Ms. Campbell for a copy)
  • Test Review Due 11/7

11/6 - New Economic Ways of Thinking

  • Journal Questions
  • Simulation and Notes
  • Capitalism vs. Socialism Handout (see Ms. Campbell for a copy)

11/7 - Industrial Revolution Mind Map

11/8 - Test Review Activity

11/9 - Unit Test

Unit 6 - Age of Imperialism

11/10 - Review Test, Vocab Squares, Before/After Reading Activity

11/13 - Imperialism Motives Notes and Stations

11/14 - Journal Questions, Berlin Conference Simulation, Reading and Questions

11/15 - African Resistance to Imperialism Notes, Battle of Adwa Sources, Kahoot

11/16 - Imperialism in India Packet

Sheg Sepoy Rebellion Documents (use pages 5-9)

11/17 - Imperialism Quiz, India Part II


 Unit 1
Unit 2 - Enlightenment

7/26 - Leviathan Think, See, Wonder (Be sure your answers are thoughtful and complete --> make a statement and back it up with 2 supporting facts)


1. How were Enlightenment ideas received by monarchs, the Church, and nobles? How do you think they responded?
2. How do you think Enlightenment ideas were spread?
3. If someone wanted to stop ideas or written works from spreading, what would they do?

How are Enlightenment ideas reflected in our society, country, and the world today?
How do you think the Enlightenment helped cause revolutions in the late 18th century?
What do you like/dislike about America's system of government?
How can you have an impact on the American governing system in your lifetime?

Unit 3 - French Revolution

8/14 - 3 Estates Cartoon Analysis


1. How did The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen represent a departure from the absolutism of Louis XVI and other French monarchs?

2. Why do you think the document is called The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen?

3. How did The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen reflect the ideals of the Enlightenment?


What was the goal of the Congress of Vienna? How did the representatives plan on achieving the goal? (3 Things)

Unit 4 - Revolution, Nationalism, and Unification


1. Decribe the social hierarchy in Spanish Latin America.

2. Why do you think Spaniards born in Latin America, a group that suffered far less oppression than other groups, would be the group to lead the revolution against Spain?

3. What were the underlying causes that led to revolution in all Latin American regions?

10/17 - Italian Unification Think, See Wonder

  • Look at the picture. What do you see? What does it make you think? What does it make you wonder?

Picture Link


Unit 5 - Industrial Revolution


1. What conditions existed in Great Britain that enabled the Industrial Revolution to start?

 2. How did the Enclosure Movement contribute to industrialization?


Unit 6 - Age of Imperialism
Unit 1
Unit 2 - Enlightenment

Unit Vocab

Intro to the Enlightenment PPT

Enlightenment Thinkers PPT

Extra Enlightenment Thinkers PPT

Influences on the American Revolution Reading

Unit Study Guide

Unit 6 - Age of Imperialism

Unit Vocabulary

Intro to Imperialism

Berlin Conference - the reading from class will serve as notes

African Resistance

Imperialism in India







Unit 1 - Age of Absolutism (Chapter 4)

Test - 7/25

 Click on the + to expand each row

1st Day of School - Syllabus, Expectations, Getting to Know You
Evaluating Sources, Characteristics of Good Rulers and Leaders, Overview of online textbook

Intro to Absolutism PPT

Response Journal Questions:

1. What caused monarchs to have absolute power and in what ways did they use their power?

2. How would you feel about absolute monarchies if you were a noble? A peasant?

3. Predict: What long-term issues will result from absolute monarchs and their methods of rule?

Absolutism in France and Russia Research, PPT for brief info

Quiz, HW - Review the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution PPT (Be prepared to respond to questions at the beginning of class tomorrow.)


Journal Questions:

1. What were the major causes of the English Civil War?

2. How did England's rulers respond to documents like the Magna Carta and Petition of Right?

3. How did England's government change after the Glorious Revolution? Be sure to include an explanation of limited and unlimited government in your answer.

Bonus: How did the English Civil War weaken absolutism and strengthen constitutionalism?

Magna Carta Reading and Discussion (see Ms. Campbell for copy), Absolutism in England Stations (If absent, answer the questions as you read the document.)


Sub - English Bill of Rights Analysis, Annotated Comic Strip


Library Lab for Absolute Monarch Face Off Research


Absolute Monarch Face Off Speeches


Unit Test







Exam Review Materials

1st Semester


2nd Semester - these are review materials. You will receive the study guide in class.


Study Resources

  • - these are practice quizzes and essays for the NY Regents Test but they are a great source for practice questions


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