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Updated Listening Links:  

 WETS has recently updated our streaming links to give the station more control over the streaming process and quality.  If you're having issues with the stream currently, try visiting the "Listen Live" link above and refreshing your stream.

WETS Show Updates:

A new show makes its way to FM this Friday night!  Women On Air has been on WETS in one form or fashion for 27 years, and it will now be on Friday nights at 10pm.  More info here



  Tom from Car Talk

 Photo Credit: Richard Howard


Our deepest condolences to the Magliozzi family from WETS.  We also want to thank Tom and Ray for years of wonderful programming.  Car Talk continues as The Best of Car Talk every Saturday at noon and Sunday at 1pm here on WETS.     

If you would like to leave a message on Car Talk's guest book, click here

For more information about Tom and his life, click the photo above to go to Car Talk's blog post. 






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