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This is the place to download podcasts of shows you've recently heard on our station.  

On American Variety Radio a wide variety of topics are talked about—in fact, anything but politics. Every week is a different theme, from interviews with amazing people who followed their dream and succeeded, to explorations of history, science, and technology, to in-depth looks at out-of-the-way subjects that you'll find fascinating. 

Business Matters showcases Fred Mackara and Larry Grogan providing a weekly summary of national and regional business news, as well as interviews with business leaders from the Tri-Cities region of Tennessee and Virginia. 

Progressive Spirit, hosted by John Shuck, is an exciting program that engages listeners in a subject few media hosts are able to discuss--religion. Religion is too important a topic to be left alone and too controversial to be left to the zealots. People do want to hear intelligent programs about religion as it relates to politics, sexuality, science and more. Progressive Spirit is a half hour program that explores the intersection of religion, social justice, and public life from an educational point of view. 

WETS Community Forum, hosted by Wayne Winkler, is a weekly look at people, organizations, and events in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and Virginia.

Your Weekly Constitutional , produced in  partnership with James M adison's Montpelier and hosted by Stewart Harris,  is a public radio  show featuring lively discussion of controversial constitutional  topics,  from Gay Rights to Gun Rights. Find us on Facebook and  iTunes!












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