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New Budget Process

ETSU 125

Strategic Budget Realignment Initiative

During the fall 2012 semester, students, faculty, staff and alumni of East Tennessee State University joined community leaders in a conversation about the future of our university as part of the visioning process led by the Committee for 125. Guided by the question of what if, the Committee for 125 examined strategies and opportunities to advance ETSU as we progress toward our 125th anniversary in 2036.


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Our conversations regarding implementation strategies emerging from the work of the Committee for 125 have presented an opportunity for us to examine the overall budget process at ETSU. During the next 18 to 24 months, we will move through the development of a new budget process, one that aligns our institutions resources where they best support student success. The creation of this new budget model will be an open, transparent and engaged process and it will involve faculty and staff from across the institution. I am very excited about this project as I firmly believe it will yield a budget process that ensures we are good stewards of our state resources and tuition dollars as well as our foundation funds.

ETSU GraduateThe development of this budget process will be guided by the work of three committees which have been formed and have already begun meeting. One is being chaired by ETSU Dean of Pharmacy Dr. Larry Calhoun and is examining what a new budget process would entail and how it would broaden strategic planning across the institution, decentralize budgets and empower our faculty and staff. The other two committees were formed during the 2014 spring semester and are focusing their efforts on academic and administrative programming. Under the leadership of Dr. Virginia Foley, professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, the Academic Profile Review Committee is conducting a review of academic offerings and opportunities for mission congruence. The final committee is chaired by Dr. Bert Bach, our provost and vice president for academic affairs, and is reviewing administrative services. Each of these respective committees is tasked with identifying opportunities for partnership and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The work of these committees is transparent and inclusive. At this web site, you will find information about their work, including minutes, resources, and other reference materials. The site also provides links to documents concerning our 2014-15 budget preparation and various consultant reports. A review of the Committee for 125 visioning process is likewise included.

I greatly appreciate your interest in this process, and I thank you for all you do for East Tennessee State University.

Dr. Brian Noland

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