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Environmental Studies Minor

Department of Appalachian Studies

Course Offerings By Semester

Summer/ Fall 22 Environmental Studies Minor Course Offerings  
Summer 2022   
II. Electives -- from category C. Special Interest Courses: 
BIOL 4247 Appalachian Flora    
MTWRF  10am-3pm  
May 16-June 3, 2022    
Jamie  Donaldson, instructor   
APST/HIST 3510 Appalachia and Coal Mining    
MTW 9am-12pm    
May 16-June 3, 2022    
Ted Olson, instructor   
Pandemic permitting, the class will offer a couple of field trips.  
Fall 2022 
I. Courses Required for the Minor: 
ENVS 2010 The Natural Environment in Appalachia   
Section 901, online   
Ted Olson, instructor   
II. Electives  
A. Humanities/ Social Sciences Survey Courses:  
ENGL 3050 Literature and the Environment   
MWF 10:30-11:25am   
Kevin O'Donnell, instructor   
B. Applied Environmental Studies Courses:  
BIOL 4737 Conservation Biology   
9:20-11:20am  MF    
Gerardo Arceo Gomez, instructor   
C. Special Interest Courses:  
ENVH 3010 Human Ecology   
TR  11:45 am-01:05pm   
Ying Li, instructor 






























Courses Required For The Minor: 

ENVS 2010 Environment in Appalachia (3 credits) Online course, Dr. Ted Olson,

ENVS 4950 Integrative Seminar in Environmental Studies
(3 credits) 12:35- 1:30pm MW Dr. Kevin O'Donnell,


A. Humanities/ Social Sciences Survey Courses (Choose 2 (two) courses from here.)

ENGL 3050 Literature and the Environment (3 credits) 1:40- 3pm MW, Visiting Basler Chair, Amy Wright,

B. Applied Environmental Studies Courses (Choose 1 (one) course from here.)

BIOL 3350 Ecology (4 credits) 9:45 am- 12:35 pm TR Brown Hall 312  Dr. Lev Yampolsky,

SALM 3110 Interpretation of Cultural and Natural Resources (3 credits) 11:15 am- 12:35 pm TR ETSU Mini-Dome 227 Dr. Jason Davis,  

C. Special Interest Courses (Choose 1 course from the following list or substitute another ETSU course in consultation with the Director of the Environmental Studies minor.)

APST 4907 Appalachian Foodways [ This class can be substituted as a category C"Special Interest Course".] 4- 6:50pm Wednesdays, Dr. Rebecca Adkins Fletcher,










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