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East Tennessee State University


Quote from Jeff Cogburn

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"The leadership minor at ETSU prepared me in countless ways for success..Being able to positively interact with a diverse group of individuals has proved priceless for my career; many of these skills adapted and built upon in the leadership program at ETSU."

~Jeff Cogburn, Associate Director of Development at Clemson University College of Education



 “Without a doubt, this has been one of my favorite classes in the journey to complete my master’s degree. Not only have I learned how to polish the leadership skills I already possess, I have been exposed to ideas and concepts that I am very interested in using to grow as a leader in the future."

This is the first graduate online course I have been able to say I actually learned something from the teacher and not what I read from numerous pages in a book."

I have learned so much in this course on the foundations of what a leader should be and want to be. It has given me a new inspiration of who I really want to be as a leader."

I love my job and I am happy to say that leadership got me here. I have been able to handle the challenges of this job due to what I learned in the leadership minor."

I have stumbled into a new position as a youth leadership program director. I immediately though of my ETSU leadership classes and all the notes and experiences we shared. I know I would not be here if it were not for the classes you provided."

Click here for a profile on leadership studies minor Jordan Smith!

“Leadership has always been something that interests me, and I’ve always strived to be a leader who sees other people as equals, so everything’s more of a partnership versus being just a leader and follower.” -Jordan Smith

Dr. Harley-McClaskey sits down to talk with Edwina Morris about the impact of the leadership minor on her success in the healthcare industry and how she applied skillsets learned in the program to secure a competitive job and become a leadership coach at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

“I realized, wow…never would I have imagined that this [content] would be so relevant to the field that I was going into. And honestly, I believe that anybody in any field, whether it be health care, business, education, whatever…the leadership studies minor is going to benefit you one way or another and it did for me.” -former ETSU leadership student Edwina Morris

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