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Biological Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences at ETSU!  We currently have 18 full-time faculty and two lecturers offering courses that help prepare our graduates for careers in the health sciences, natural resource conservation, industry, and academia. Our graduate program is very active and includes a Master of Science research degree and a Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences. One of the strengths of our department is the involvement of undergraduate students in research, with faculty members enthusiastically accepting undergraduates as contributing members of their research teams. We firmly believe that the best way to learn biology is to do it! - Joe Bidwell, Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences

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Dr.Aruna Kilaru

Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette,    2005



My group focus on understanding lipid synthesis and signaling at biochemical, cellular, physiological and molecular level. Specifically, our research aims to educidate 1) lipid-mediated stress response pathways in plants and 2) the regulation of oil biosynthesis in nonseed tissues. A wide range of tools from scanning electron microscopy to "omic" approaches are utilized to address our research questions. Our focus on understanding the central aspeccts of plant lipid synthesis and signaling has an inherent long-term goal to develop crops that are stress tolerant and with improved oil and energy content and overall yield. For more information visit our laboratory webapge. Graduate and undergraduate students interested in research in the areas of plant biochemistry and molecular biology are highly encouraged to contact me by email kilaru@etsu.edu